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  1. Lunar

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    So I'm apparently known as a fast typer in the staff team and I do agree on that lol, so I'm writing this to see how fast you guys can type!

    Alright so basically you can use any website to test your speed but for my showcase, I used an awesome website called https://monkeytype.com/. It's pretty modern and clean and honestly I think its one of the best typing speed trackers out there.

    Here is what I had when doing the test for this thread,
    93% Accuracy
    Avg. 110 WPM
    Lowest WPM - 72
    Highest WPM - 148
    And of course, I recorded myself doing it because why not,

    (I had finished a quick little 10-hour session so I wasn't doing the best and I was a smidge bit tired but hey I still got a really high number!)
    Leave down your results below because I am quite interested in seeing the typing speed of other members on here (y)
  2. wubby

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    did you choose this site because it had monke in it?
  3. Lunar

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    yes monkey and its good
  4. Bruno

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  5. Lunar

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  7. Ahalan

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    92% accuracy
    Typing speed.PNG
  8. Indy226

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  9. TragicMagic

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    Lazy so only did it once. This is round about my average, my best ever was ~170 WPM on typeracer.

    EDIT: also just wanna brag about the fact that i peaked at 174 WPM B)
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  10. Kythol

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  11. ori with a gun

    ori with a gun just vibin VIP

    i had to do it on a school chromebook so i don't have proof (my current keyboard is fricked) but I was able to break 100



    Yaas hit the 170 mark. Though to be honest this typing test feels kinda cheating cuz theres lots of short words and also its only 30 seconds. I think I can definitely get higher than this still though
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  13. Voca

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    I told you all Im a slow typer o.o
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  14. danstorm

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    I thought I was the only one
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  15. -tyler

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    Screenshot (17).png
    pretty quick but some of yall are like 50 wpm ahead of me
  16. Robyn

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    Nice tags