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    Hello! I've been developing a map for TTT for a long while and I've finally decided to make a thread about it.

    (fly through is out of date as of 12/29/17)

    Current features:
    -Traitor Tester
    -Traitor Rooms
    -Traitor traps (more later)
    -Secret Knife (Route, knife not yet finished)

    Known Bugs:
    -Traitor tester exposion doesn't kill
    -Secret knife not on map yet
    -One traitor room is lacking a traitor button, use crowbar to open for now
    -Map still needs to be optimized
    -Spawning in Traitor room

    Working on:
    -Fixing the lighting
    -Adding detail work
    -Fixing traitor rooms and tester
    -Beta testing
    -Adding guns and spawn points

    First Album (Out of Date) -
    Second Album (Out of Date) -
    Third Album (Out of Date) -
    Fourth Album (Out of date) -
    Fifth Album (Up to date) -

    Current Beta
    Download Link -

    Move map to your gmod maps folder. Requires Counter-Strike Source textures.

    *Keep in mind the map is still being worked on. Comments are gladly accepted! (if you find anything that doesn't work please let me know)
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  2. Timo654

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    I'll probably check it out later, looks nice
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  3. Sirhymfer

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    Want any help?
  4. Too vertical, easy wins for Traitors, you can get shot from all directions
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  5. Wow man, I must say you did a very good job on this map. Being someone who has put a lot of time into a map of their own I can tell how much effort went into this.

    From looking only at the screenshots and video, the map looked too small to be a good TTT map. The lighting also looked kinda meh. However, looking at it in game changes that completely. The map is much bigger than I thought and the lighting is very good. But like you said, the lighting does need some work to fix the very dark surface glitches. I hit the cap of 300 FPS without it dropping. Lag maps like Rooftops will usually drop it down to 200 or lower in Sandbox for me. The FPS might change as you add more things though. I also had 0 missing textures or errors.

    Some Suggestions:

    When walking around there are some places where I feel like I should be able to climb a ladder to get somewhere above or below me. This could be a problem during play because it will be time consuming to just get to one part of the map. This could make sniping and C4s too good. So I suggest you add more ladders and/or other means to get around easier.

    I like the textures you chose for the various surfaces of the map. However, nothing really jumps out at you and it does look a little odd/empty in some places. Adding more decals on walls (like the rebel spray on the bottom of the map) could go a long way. Adding some ambience might also be good as long as it's subtle.

    I don't have Hammer set up on my computer so I couldn't look at your current spawns. But I would highly suggest making them as far away from edges of platforms as possible. People have a tendency to hold down W before a round starts and will likely fall off due to this. That is why people always die when they spawn on that one nether spawn in Minecraft B5 and sometimes fall off at the start on the original Rooftops. You have plenty of big platforms to where getting those 30-40 spawns in good places shouldn't be a problem, though.

    Your current weapon spawns are pretty good, but you could always use more. As you probably know, there are plenty of maps on the server that are very scarce in guns, and it kinda ruins those maps a little. I couldn't tell if you put any random weapon spawns since I was viewing on vanilla TTT and sandbox. But if you didn't, you definitely should so custom weapons can spawn on the map.

    Good work so far though man! Can't wait to try this out when you get a beta version to play on the server.
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  6. Pacifist

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    Yeah the screenshots don't do this map justice and I found that out right away. Certain parts of the map I want to remain dark as they will be hiding some very secret stuff (secret knife that is), but yeah when I say fixing lighting I want to fix certain parts where it looks as if light is coming from seemingly nowhere. I am going to be adding different ways of getting around the map as I agree that getting to places can be a time consuming. I also hate linearity so i've tried my hardest to make areas that you can get to multiple ways. Did you see my slides on the map? Those can be used to get to the bottom of the map really really fast if you know what you are doing. I'm thinking about adding a few more ramps and ladders just to make everything easier to move. With the textures i'm going to be adding some more decals and props to the map, the problem is that I don't want to just throw props around haphazardly as I feel that would make the map harder to look at it and wont serve the general theme of the map, which is sort of like a terrorist HQ buried way below the surface in an ancient burial ground. I will definitely be adding more detail work as soon as I get more ideas of what to put. I dont know how to do ambience well, but I will give it a shot. I am going to be 100% reworking gun and player spawns as they are just plopped down so I could test the map with multiple players. Gun spawns are very deliberate as or right now, I sort of setup that one spot and then scattered some random spawns across the map but I hope to change that once i'm finished with the layout and lighting. Player spawns are also kind of just weird, i actually have a spawn that spawns the player inside a T room that I have just neglected to remove. There are a few other things scattered across the map that I have been using to dev, such as a button inside the traitor tester. That stuff will be removed and replaced. I have decided that when I do the spawns I want to do them at the bottom of the map and up on top of those big platforms. I have no intentions of placing spawns near ledges where players can get hurt because i'm not a dick haha.

    Actually I found while playing this map with my buds that sniping was actually super ineffective because of that very reason. There is no spot on the map where a traitor can easily get out of a position without being shot at from someone else.
  7. Pacifist

    Pacifist Very Strange Lead Admin VIP+ Bronze

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  8. HR Phasma

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    looks good
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  9. Jässa

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    These suggestions are assuming you would like the map added to SGM map pool in the end, for a smaller map its p great already layout wise.
    Not sure if its hard to learn the trick or not but Id just make it easy for everyone, your average player(me) will try to slide down but die instead and then type !rtv.

    From a combination of things(I dont know how much you like/dislike teleporters) Id suggest using teleporters/elevators? , atleast from the very bottom to top. Like you said:
    the best strategy for Ts seems to be to take control of top(as you said the middle/bottom is so open as soon as you start killing you can get rektd from multiple angles) and then start working downwards so if you are an inno on the bottom few minutes into the round theres really not much you can do especially with shotguns n stuff. Also we can buy frag nades from T shop which makes the strategy that much harder to play against from the bottom.
    If you are adding props as details or stuff like that, maybe add some cover to people climbing up ladders as its the easiest place to die without getting a chance to fight back n could be frustrating. Maybe its not needed since I dont know the sniper spots and how they line up with ladders though.

    Seemed like a rly fun map though, unique to what I have played before.
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  10. Pacifist

    Pacifist Very Strange Lead Admin VIP+ Bronze

    There are teleporters inside the T room, and ladders are probably going to be the way I want to add movement to the map. I'll think about adding cover for ladders though, don't know how i'll do it but i'll consider it. So would you say the best thing I need to do is make it easier to play from the bottom?
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  11. Jässa

    Jässa Thick thighs save lives VIP

    Pretty much yeah, tl;dr add easy/somewhat covered way to top(or middle). The T teleporters are good but 3/4 players are going to be innos, a lot of them will spawn at bottom and T room teleporters wont help them but they should also have some form to get up in timely manner and atleast some safety. Maybe it is already enough, I dont really know as I played alone so no idea where the Ts would like to camp ideally.
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  12. If you can do it, an elevator might be good on the side of the map that goes from top to bottom.
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  13. Pacifist

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    Good idea! I'll try to find a spot for one.
  14. I hurt paci's feelings in sb when he advertised this so +1
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  15. Death

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    I gotta be honest, this map looks amazing. Hopefully some day it might even be added to the rotation seeing how outstanding and mind blowing one person can do when they take their time to make a wonderful thing such as this map. Well done.
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  16. FaeThorn

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    Cant wait to see the complete version looks fun cant wait till its on the sever +1
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  17. Pacifist

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    (also added a new album up at the top)
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  18. msscotty

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    I really like this map, granted the vertical size is way bigger than normal for a map this size, its pretty damn good. I love that there could be a mix of long range game and close quarters combat. It makes for quite the map actually. +1 and I truly do hope that this makes it into the map pool.
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  19. Koishi

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    it looks like lazertag but a lot better, aesthetically looks more like a hybrid of losttemple and that one map with the flying car that runs over you
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  20. Pacifist

    Pacifist Very Strange Lead Admin VIP+ Bronze

    Is that a good thing or?
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