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  1. DocFox

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    Welcome to SGM's TTT Suggestions forum.
    Here you can suggest new ideas, features
    and improvements for Trouble in Terrorist Town.

    Suggestion Rules:
    Search before you make a suggestion.
    Failure to comply may result in your thread being denied and locked. Continuous breaking of this rule will result in your posting privileges being revoked.

    No thread hijacking.
    Do not post your suggestion in another thread. Posting your suggestion in another thread is thread hijacking and the punishment may vary depending on the case.

    Serious suggestions only.
    Failure to comply may result in different punishments as well as the thread in question being removed.

    All general forum rules apply.

    DISCLAIMER: We are under no obligation to accept or deny any suggestion. They are just that: suggestions.
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    Guide for Suggesting Content
    • Use the search bar located in the top right of the page to see if your suggestion has been previously suggested.
    • Make the title clear and concise.
    • Multiple suggestion threads should contain suggestions related to each other.
    • Post in the correct sub-forum.
    Tips for suggesting Player Models
    • Make sure the model will fit our current theme.
    • Take screenshots of the front, back, and sides of the player model.
    • Take screenshots of the models hitbox.
    • Models should be from a popular franchise.

    Tips for suggesting Jihad Sounds
    • Make the Jihad sound relevant.
    • Add a 64x64 image of the Jihad icon that you would like in the pointshop.
    • Make the sound loud.
    • 2 seconds long.

    Tips for suggesting End Round songs
    • 19 seconds long.
    • Multiple can be suggested in one list.

    Tips for suggesting Weapons
    • Include a description of what the weapon does.
    • Mention how the weapon would have a use within the current servers.
    • Try to include suggested weapon stats.
    • Take screenshots of the weapon in 3rd person, 1st person and on the floor.
    • Include a video of the weapon in action if you have the means

    Tips for suggesting Maps
    • Must support 36-40 Players
    • Check if the map needs weapons/ammo.
    • Provide plenty of screenshots.
    • Test the FPS on your side.
    • Check if any of the T traps could cause potential RDM issues.
    • A video fly by of the map is useful.
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