TTT MC_Fissure Map secrets

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    I scoured the map and I think I found everything

    Up first, dessert
    To get the cake, you need three ingredients. Once you have them, place them in the cauldron in the room at the bottom of the fissure.

    This one is in the corner of the map near the swamp[​IMG]
    This one is in the house in the middle of the map.[​IMG][​IMG]
    This one is near the furnaces in the mountain [​IMG]

    When you get an ingredient, take it to the cauldron.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Next up, a secret room
    Also in the fissure is a secret room with credits to the developers. To access it, first get the pickaxe, then simply touch the wall with it.
    The pickaxe is at the bottom of the well, on the side of the map with the lumber mill[​IMG] [​IMG]

    The sqaure cut out in the vines is the spot to hit with the pickaxe[​IMG]

    Last but not least, the portal
    The last secret of this map, is the portal. There are three buttons to activate it, and when activated they open the portal in the mountain that leads to the top of the mountain.
    These do not have to be pressed in any order.
    The first is in the corner, near the wheat [​IMG] This one is on the smaller mountain near the lumber mill, the button is above the t room.
    Final button, this one is in the lumber mill between some logs.

    Once you've pressed the buttons, just go to the mountain for the portal.

    I believe thats all, if I missed anything, hmu.
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    Thanks for the guide. to find everything on fissue
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