In Progress Trials Rising for Nintendo Switch

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    Ok so basically,
    I won a code for this game but already bought it.

    Enter by giving this post a positive rating and responding with your Nintendo-Switch-Friend-Code, so I know you can actually use the code.

    Its a code from the EU so if youre from the US you might have to set up another account thats set to EU to play the game but its worth it.
    Ends on whenever the summerholidays in my country start.
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  2. LBPotatoes

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    SW-2151-2760-3152 :love:
  3. Dadly25

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  4. Carned

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    I’m not at home so I don’t have my code but can this count until I’m home on Tuesday
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  5. Carlton

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  6. 11Cent

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    I have no idea how to set up my account to have friends in switch. I didnt even know you could add friends
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  9. If I win, give it to my boi, @Carned
  10. Timo654

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    wtf i dont even have a switch
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