Traitors Allowing Innocents into T- Rooms

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Should Traitor's be allowed to let Innocent's into T- Room's?

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  1. Some people have thought it would be funny if innocents were to freely let in traitor rooms and cause a chain of events to unfold. This usually happens on innocent motel and it is starting to become ridiculous.

    Warnings are usually never given and even if they are it's too impossible to hear over a near full server or is pushed up the chat so quickly there is no chance to read it. In the process of allowing non traitors into the T room purposefully, many traitors and innocents are killed in the process and much frustration is experienced among players who happened to be traitors that round and were caught in the mix, including myself.

    As a traitor, you're implying that a T room would only consist of fellow traitors and not Detectives and innocents out to unload upon anyone else who walks in.

    Players have been doing this long enough and have not been disciplined accordingly because no rules apply to this misconduct. Those who let inno's in sit back and watch and take no part in the indirect deaths of their fellow traitor teammates.

    Rules should be made accordingly and those who violate should be punished accordingly.

    If you have anything to add feel free, I am particularly interested in how people feel against my views, just want to feel your side out.
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  2. Saturnity

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    I'd say they should be allowed but GIVE warning.

    I'm all okay with letting innos in because it kills them off, but when a Tbuddy does it when i'm sitting there or doesn't say anything and I walk in and get shot in the face. Dick move.
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  3. Pacifist

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    It would be a bitch to enforce this. First of all, we can see who activates the buttons, that is no problem to us, what is most important is intention. Did the player knowingly admit innocents into the T room, or was he just opening the door to get out and someone slipped in? It would only be able to be proven if the player was repeatedly letting people in. Even then, they could still cop out and say that they didn't intend to. This is kind of why i'm luke warm on this suggestion.

    That being said, it is next to impossible to enforce warnings given in T chat because, as you say, either the players cant be heard in voice chat or their messages in text chat get pushed up. Thankfully we can somewhat find text chat warnings through traitors who were alive and can provide screenshots or a verification, but unless the person is actually recording... we get nothing...

    Either way, I am not so sure on this suggestion. Probably best we don't complicate things and just keep them the way they are, unless a better argument can be made.
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  4. Lordyhgm

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    Since it's hard to prove intent, it can be a functional tactic, and it can happen easily by accident, I can see no real way of adding something like this, nevertheless enforcing it.

    There are too many factors at play unlike with similar T tactics, so we cannot just outright ban letting innos into the t rooms, particularly due to the difficulty of determining intent, and there are bugs and awkwardly placed buttons etc which can play into this.

    The only rules we have regarding the Traitor rooms that I could find were the T acts regarding it, it's these that make it such a viable tactic for the wily. So, I can see room for a specific rule to be added requiring sufficient warning if opening a T door will directly place a T buddy in danger; if I'm wholly honest I thought this was one already although it does overlap with placing your T buddies in direct danger. This would at least diminish the impact a malicious player on the games of their T buddies and be relatively easy to enforce.
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  5. Vent Xekart

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    What I've usually done is that if I see someone coming out of a traitor room that isn't a detective I usually shoot first and ask questions later. True, it could be considered and/or mistaken for RDM if you kill an innocent but better safe than sorry, am I right?

    On the flip-side though, if you're a traitor you're supposed to kill innocents and detectives, not let them into the traitor rooms. If either an innocent and/or a detective gets into the traitor room you need to kill them on sight. If you don't, you risk putting your fellow traitors at risk because an innocent/detective inside could say that 'X is in the traitor room and is a traitor!' which means the minute one of your teammates goes outside they will get killed on sight.

    If you're a traitor and one of your teammates lets in an innocent and/or detective player, kill whoever they brought in without any hesitation. If that teammate kills you for doing so, report their team-killing ass and let an admin/mod sort it out.
  6. Elvis

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    Its a tactic if done right. A pain in the ass to deal with if done wrong. And a dick move if done intentionally
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