Traitor Weapon: Tear Gas Grenade Launcher

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    This is a suggestion for a traitor weapon to replace the tear gas grenade for something a little different in the hopes to make it a more effective and reasonable option for traitors to use.

    My suggestion is basically for, rather than a single tear gas grenade, to create a grenade launcher that can shoot between 2-4 tear gas grenades, with the number being hard set, but determined depending on what we can decide as balanced. The grenades would have a smaller area of effect then the current tear gas grenades, wouldn't last as long in terms of the gas being there, and I think the actual tear gas effect even could be reduced by 0.5-1 seconds.

    The benefit of a launcher for these grenades would be that they could be used from further away, and there would be more than one, so you could cause chaos in numerous locations, or keep pounding away at a position where innocents are maybe engaging in a gunfight with you. Traitors could also use it to cover a position with unid'd bodies, C4 or other locations they might want to keep innocents away from, without necessarily having to be right there.

    I started thinking about this when thinking about the tear gas grenade, because the TG grenade seems to be really underused, despite it being a good concept. Tear gas grenade launchers are also a very real thing, and would be more practical for use by traitors in my opinion.
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    I think there are 3 main reasons to why the tear gas is underused:
    1. It takes up an 8th slot that can be used for much better utilities such as the teleport or newton launcher, heck even poltergeist in some situations.
    2. It costs 1 credit for something that not only works like a nade (single use, also easy to spot) but is also not very effective in combat other than creating a distraction or a barrier.
    3. More often than not it just backfires.
    I think a nice addition would be an upgrade for the disguiser that allows you to be immune to the effects of the tear gas which would allow much more aggresive and tactical plays and would encourage to try something else other than the good ol' tp.

    This idea is still a nice touch, I'd expect a shorter fuse time since they can't be cooked.
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