This server is hopeless.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hongo, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hongo

    Hongo VIP

    I'm throwing in the towel. Fix it yourselves, oh wait, you can't.

    And for anyone who wants to apply for moderator, don't bother. You're just gonna end up stressed and cynical in the end, and this " "VOLUNTEER" "WORK" " is absolutely not worth your time.

    Favoritism. Nepotism. Noninclusive. Authoritarian. Those words can all explain our staff hierarchy model.
    Are they here to have fun, or are they here here to punish. Here? They're here to punish, and that is their sole function as a basic unit. They are not a team, they do not work WITH each other, they mind their own business and carry out a singleminded existence, for if they don't spend their efforts watching their own back, they might just be punished for being inadequate.

    Your rules are insane, written by a sociopathic 15 year old who was bullied too much and would fantasy only punishment and power to smite those who preyed on that beta soul. Anyone who supports them with an iron will, shooting down any opposition or suggestion for change, you've been wrong the whole time.

    This server wasn't always this way. It didn't always have a wall of text for rules that would be the first thing greeting the eyes of a new person. Our "Welcome" wagon is more of a paperwork you'd give to someone just called in to jury duty. This server doesn't feel like a game, it feels like a shitty political drama.

    I'm exhausted. Tired of it, and I'm getting older. Too old to keep acting foolish in a game populated by children, and life is calling my attention. I hope you all learned something from me doing my best to turn your heads, and for those with wit strong enough to see through my damning charade, you're the new torch bearers here. Maintain the checks and balances on staff. Watch the watchmen. Record everything. The system is as dirty as it is when we first picked this up, only now the units who make it are aware of themselves. That's all we as users can do, make them aware of themselves.

    I'm not quitting, I'll be around in game whenever I feel like playing, but as far as forums go.. Well, we'll just say there is no need for you to permanently ban me from forums anymore, @wink , since I won't be posting in the Suggestions box anymore.

    oh and one more thing

    For the staff who have reached out to me in recent days, in an honest and open way, to talk to me, offering tips how to change my behavior.. I feel you don't understand. I never wanted to be 'staff'. I wanted to be a part of your "Team" so I could teach you just how to be a team. How to work together to handle things, instead of being individual units. I know those of you who agree with me about the problems here are reading this, and its up to you now to voice your opinions. You cannot keep closeted your opinions of this place, for if you do it will continue to stagnate, so come out. Make posts. Begin discussions. Get the ball rolling, and then maybe you can start on the right track to a fun loving, user-friendly experience for people to come and have. This is more than a game, this is a team and a COMMUNITY. Act like one, to everyone. Nobody should be alienated here or anywhere.
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  2. Hannibal Vector

    Hannibal Vector The Brain May Forget, But The Heart Will Remember VIP Silver

    Ugh are more of these posts really needed?
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  3. Hongo

    Hongo VIP

    In case you missed the point, which an obtuse wedge like yourself would, I've given up "making posts like this". Thats what this post is about.
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  4. Orion

    Orion H.U.G.E. Champion 2057 VIP

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  5. Gonco

    Gonco white knight VIP

    someones a sour lil intellectual
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  6. :(
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  7. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    Hongo, I've never met someone so into himself that he believes he has the answers for everything. I honestly bet you like to smell your own farts, it's that bad.

    That being said, it's probably why you've liked to cause issues with staff and people like AspiringSun; and for Aspiring, it's because you're both so alike. You just feel like it's your way or no way. Then you post something like this.

    This post seems like you're looking for everyone to say, "No, please don't go. We need you." But you can't see that.

    You have a sense of selfishness and narcissism, which is probably why you can't see that your voice and opinion are small in this community; even if it has a slowly shrinking active population.

    I mean nothing bad by this post and I just want you to know what I see from a third party. However, you may not realize that, as I'm being as direct as possible.

    This seems like it's some kind of farewell and should be moved towards that section of the forums as it just doesn't fit the General Discussion; giving that you're one person.

    I'll see you around. Maybe a little bit of living life is what you need.
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  8. Hongo

    Hongo VIP

    You're a part of the problem.
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  9. Voca

    Voca o.o Moderator VIP

    Im honestly worried about you Hongo.
    You just seem like a guy with quite some issues and is troubled.
    Like first of all you seem to be in believe that you are more intelectual than everyone else (at least thats what your posts seem to show), while I admit you have a way with words, words arent everything there is to intelligence and you certainly lack in some in the decision making.

    Your often spouting out nonsense, speaking like you know every individual staffmember and speaking as if you know how things work behind the scenes in staff discord.
    While your posts are making it clear that you have no clue, and makes baseless assumtions.

    Im not sure if you do you out of emotions. But I really do worry about you and think you should seek help o.o
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  10. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. VIP

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  11. Dani Phantom

    Dani Phantom Impersonating Staff VIP

    linwood boomer
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  12. Silly

    Silly Fantasy VIP Silver

    bro is this guy srs? :troll:
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  13. Hongo

    Hongo VIP

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  14. Pacifist

    Pacifist Passively Scary Lead Admin VIP Bronze

    It pains me to see someone who is so wrapped up and obsessed with the staff team like you are Hongo. I know you wont see this until you are unbanned in a week's time, but I honestly recommend that you take some time and get your head straight man. This just isn't healthy.
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  15. Robokiller87

    Robokiller87 Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    Imagine thinking Mango is apart of the problem.

    As much as I believe this server is in fact hopeless you're going about it the wrong way.

    There's two parts of the problem:

    The obviously identifiable singular one which you're overlooking if you wanna talk about how staff go about their business

    And the loud idiotic minority <--- You're here

    If you're gonna speak about hopelessness regarding how being a staff member changes you, you're not wrong that people change when they're staff. It's the least of the issues that go on. If you're gonna speak about hopelessness regarding basically every word ever used to describe the authority in this server since the day this server existed, you're going to change nothing and only enforce those facts and people will not care because you're crying like a bitch and this just makes it easier to hate what you say. As someone who was a staff member here there is teamwork that goes on. I don't know about now, but people interacted with each other appropriately enough behind the scenes. The rules here are likely the strictest of any TTT server and enforced the hardest out of any TTT server I don't know what you expected coming to a place named oh so coincidentally and not intentionally serious Gmod.

    The wall of text when joining the server has always been here I don't know what fantasy you lived in.

    I do that well enough without having a disorderly breakdown and do it on a monthly basis because it's fun to watch people get annoyed at the obvious every once and a while here you're welcome.

    Congratulations on getting your attention overdose though.
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  16. Noccam :^)

    Noccam :^) Regular Member

    I don't think the situation with aspiringsun and Hongo was handled anywhere near appropriately. Both should be banned, Hongo for the report and Aspiring for ruthlessly seeking to get Hongo banned. It was a very clear instance of targetting, and both were petty.

    @Pacifist, I respect you as staff and I always will, but in this instance I think this was grossly mishandled.

    @Hongo If you can read this, I always think back to our first conversation where I was talking to you about narcissism and the nature of being egotistical. The community definitely is shifting however. There is more and more public unrest and the player base has more and more people complaining about staff, with fewer players joining the forums. I'm not going to claim that you planted the seeds, but I'm sure your voice was heard. In all of our conversations it was always quite clear to me that you weren't taking things seriously, but liked to BE serious about things. I hope that you don't leave, regardless. I'll be adding you on steam to send you something, but I don't think it will change much.

    I truly think banning you for this, no matter what else has happened that you should have been banned for, was wrong. The ban ended up being a character ban and a culmination of all your bad behavior.
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  17. Thorax♠

    Thorax♠ Regular Member

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  18. Right because he can’t just log in on a private tab and lurk
  19. Hashira

    Hashira VIP

    Honestly Hongo, youre chill with me, I like you , but youre a little too wrapped up in this. If this server has that much effect on you, then take your jacket off and leave.


    seroiulsly dont add unnecessary stressors into your life.
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  20. ThatAintSpookyFalco

    ThatAintSpookyFalco You should’ve followed the damn train CJ Moderator VIP

    You gotta stop causing unnecessary drama with the community and putting down the staff team. You gotta remember one thing: We’re not all perfect, everyone makes mistakes and everyone will have biased opinions. The only people who complain about the rules are players who constantly troll and break the rules as well as ruin the fun for some. And that’s an understandable connection but you gotta realize the staff are trying their hardest to keep SGM up. It was already planned to be shut down back in October but was then later canceled, we don’t want this happening again. For real dude, I think you need a long break from the community to collect your thoughts and understand we’re not trying to be enemies with you. That’s all I gotta say, I don’t wanna be a part of anymore drama.
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