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    My pet plugin permissions:
    /petname doesn't work and nametags don't work either.
    /petstore which let you store your pets so you can have more than one doesn't work
    /petswitch which let you switch pet once you have stored pet
    /petinventory which let you store items if your pet level up with that perk
    /petpickup which allow you to turn it on or off if your pet has an inventory
    /petchooseskilltree allow you to select a skilltree for your pet to level up
    /petskilltree show you the skill tree
    /petoptions also does nothing even though it's suposed to let us turn on or off healthbar for pets.

    Flux Pickaxe: The recipe itself work and you can enchant it however the ability doesn't work which make me think it was either disabled or its a permission problem again.

    I'll add more if I find more things that are broken
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