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  1. This isn't a thread to beg for updates or trash on aspects of the game you don't like. Let's just talk about things you think would improve the overall gameplay for TTT.

    Imagine you're in Garry's two bedroom flat, he turns to you with glimmering eyes: "X, I'm going to make TTT 2, what should I improve upon from the previous title?"

    I think that bodies saying which weapon the identified body was holding before they died would improve the gameplay tenfold. If an innocent gets killed holding a T-weapon, or a T with a T-weapon you could argue solidly "well he was holding this when I shot him so it's justified" and the other person would need proper grounds to retaliate.

    I also think a charged crowbar swing would be cool on both LMB and RMB. Harder hits or further push to make it effective to use.

    What do you think would improve the overall gameplay of TTT?
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  2. Sticky Bandit

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    That's really cool actually. I'd love to see something like this - however it may take away from SGMs "vanilla" ttt flavor.
  3. Voca

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    The only way to make something like that would be by recreating the Gamemode itself as an addon and would probably take a lot of work to create, so I dont think you should see anything like that coming in the future, but its a fine thinking, puts a bit more thought into the gamemode rather than run and gun, then again doubt many people have time to check bodies properly without being put in danger of getting 1 tapped in the head.
  4. Of course. Do you have any suggestions?
  5. Smor

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    nerf shotguns
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  6. Timo654

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    competent staff
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  7. Sticky Bandit

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    Shit he's onto me...
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  8. 11Cent

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    I know it cant be changed as its a gmod thing, but i better voice codec would be so fucking nice. i hate hearing everyone through what sounds like a landline telephone.
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  9. Pokeben10

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    Ooooo yes! This idea for the identified body-t weapon thing would definitely be a cool idea.