There's no reason why we can't keep this ship alive.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by incognito moe, Nov 20, 2018.

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    No better words than from the man himself
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    Yeh. Siddo's post is pretty odd
  5. My question is, what's Opal's community going to be? THis is the first I'm hearing about it.
  6. Dani

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    I think it's gonna be a TTT server with lootcrates.

    I don't know what you're telling me with these quote fragments. Rozboon said that Highwon is closing the server because he doesn't wanna receive money for doing nothing anymore. Since I had never heard that reason before Roz's post, I asked whether people were just making shit up or if this had been officially stated by Highwon somewhere. Then you came along and pointed me to the fact that Highwon has stated multiple times why he's closing it, but the reason he gives in those statements are completely different from "I don't wanna receive money without adding new stuff".

    Why does it have to be "multiple posts", as well? Couldn't Highwon just give us the actual reasons for closing the server in the original post of the Shutdown thread? I know that he said "Opalium has stepped down so the server can no longer sustain itself" but that is just such a vague way to describe it. I don't get why he can't just drop the weird "professional" facade and just speak to us like a human. It's like he's giving a statement at a press conference or something. Here's some questions I'm confused about because people's accounts are conflicting:

    • Why was Opalium important for the survival of the server? I know he added a lot of cool shit, but do we need to add more cool shit for the server to survive?
    • Does it have anything to do with money at all? (Money was never mentioned in the post but people are talking about it being a reason somehow)

    I'm sure there's perfectly fine reasons for all of this (and I was completely accept something like "I'm just not in the mood for running the server anymore"), but so many people are giving reasons that contradict each other or contradict basic logic, and then can't come up with explanations.

    The second post of the Shutdown thread says that we can ask him if we have any questions about it. I don't know if people asked, because the whole thread is just pages of people saying "RIP I had such good times there I made so many friends and now they will all explode", so I don't wanna comb through all that to get answers.

    Maybe @Opalium can give me some answers to the bullet point questions above? You've probably answered these 100 times already, but I haven't seen those answers.

    Not even gonna bother tagging Highwon because he has never communicated with me in any way, even when we were in the same TS3 channel, and I barely see him post on the forums except for the occasional disgusted reaction to 9/11 memes.
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  7. Rozboon

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    I'm sure helix will inbox you information about it.

    It's pretty much just sgm with the banned kids, and no server yet.

    Learn some coding, message highwon, save sgm, you can do it moe!
  8. What is TTT coded in I'm a novice :(
  9. Dani

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    I was wondering about that. I've already seen some banned people speak in Crescent's shoutbox and I thought, oh god, so this is gonna be a safe haven for all the banned people?

    But hey, I don't even know why all of those people were banned, so maybe they deserve a second chance, I dunno. Except the statutory rape guy.
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  10. It's ok bb I'm banned there so I'll be here until the end ;)
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    yeah, I dunno how it's going to turn out tbh, can somewhatpicture it (You thought sgm was toxic? rofl) but don't care enough to wait and see, barely here lately as i have other things happening and gmod is really just a boring and outdated game that you can't put much life into unless you expand into other gamemodes.
  12. Dani

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    How the fuck are you banned there already

    I called a gay guy the f-word the minute I got there and the lead admins laughed at it

    What would you even have to do to get banned
  13. Helix banned me before the second I joined ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  14. Siddo

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    I know little - and likely, less than you - about running and managing a community. Most of what I said is conjecture, outside the lack of manpower situation. Trying to explain why I think the decision to shut down was made.

    The only one who holds all the answers you seek is Highwon. I'll try to get him to elaborate on the reasons behind the shutdown.
  15. Rozboon

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    so much for new starts, maybe you're the reason behind their self defense post, rofl. I'd take you if i had a community, free money ;)
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  16. I mean they made I asked helix why I got banned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  17. Tedelicious

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    I've once asked the previous owner of a server i used to play on why he left and dropped the server. He said:
    Money was never the issue, it is substaining the server with the data that is needed.
    As you know TTT or Gmod in general has it's updates every now and then.

    Now keep in mind that the general updates do ask so much time, that outside of that people will keep finding bugs (you are never done with bugs) that the time consuming will be greater then you can imagine.
    You might not know how much we have as staff commands and such, but all these commands do need fixing once in a while after some update or bug. This requires said person to re-read all of the code and try and figure out what is wrong with it (some codes can contain more then 1000 characters aka a full a4 page or longer).
    This all together can take up hours or even days of somebody's time. Maybe @Highwon already has kids or he has a lovely partner who he wants to be with instead of coding for us.

    Outside of all this. You should be happy that somebody build something (A server asks more then just code, but also the needed internet and servers) for us to enjoy and have fun on.
    I'm very thankful I found this place and that Highwon kept this place and made it to how it is today.
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  18. UncleBee

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    the death of sgm is because of highwon. a person who no longer has interest in a community yet he still has ownership of it. shouldve either ended it long time ago or just fucking passed the torch to someone else
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  19. Rozboon

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    Without highwon, you wouldn't be commenting on this post, on this forum right now.

    "shouldve either ended it long time ago" "the death of sgm is because of highwon."

    I mean.. he does own the place, so really no matter what would have happened, it would have been him shutting it down so I'm not sure if you're trying to insult him for "ruining" this place, or just stating it as fact that everyone already knows...

    Let's not forget that without him this community wouldn't have survived for as long as it did, so rather than trying to be all edgy and say "fuck you highwon" thank him for spending his time that he didn't need to spend on this place, to try to give you a fun experience and an atmosphere that held up to most peoples standards, thank him for attempting to keep this place running by finding people capable of running the place in his absence (which sadly fell through). As for passing off the place to someone else, who knows, maybe that was his plan, no one really knows, all we do know is this place doesn't have the manpower to keep it running.
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  20. panzerscrimp

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    Roz is right
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