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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by TheRealFuckyDucky, Apr 2, 2021.

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  1. Explain the case:
    So i was just on vanilla when out of nowhere instead of the usual gag, Rgag, then i shut up , I got a 14 day mic spam ban, but I wasn't even at an Rgag. And instead of any of the staff saying "hey stfu" or Rgagging me i'm banned for "excessive mic spam". I wouldn't have a problem with this honestly if I hadn't have noticed the insane amount of inconsistency among mods and admins with gags/mutes recently. I will watch as usual players mic spam their hearts out then I make a noise the same volume or even less and get gagged within a millisecond. I don't want to say any names but it is some bullshit, which I don't usually give a shit if I get gagged and someone else doesn't but getting banned for 2 weeks is a whole different thing. But this one was so unwarranted I don't even get it, it's like if it's a slow day for the staff they just seek out someone to ban. Since forums have literally only helped me once I fully expect to get 0% chance of appeal, I will take the ban since I do mic spam a fuck ton, still I just wanted to point out the inconsistent staff and rules recently, just because you like a player doesn't mean they're above your rule. :poop:
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  2. j3kawesome

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    This was posted in the wrong ban appeal area so it will be moved
    You were banned by @Titan
  3. Titan

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    I was called to hop onto the vanilla server late at night because a member told me that you had begun micspamming immediately after Ashes had left, leaving the server effectively staffless. I hopped on to deal with this micspam, at which point I was informed that both 1) You had been already previously gagged once by Ashes, meaning that this offense that I was called to deal with, and 2) A different admin had already given discretion to move ahead with a 2 week ban for the next time that you reach an rgag (second) offense.

    Given your extensive history with micspamming, it is not hard to see why this discretion was given.

    @Ashes Relandi was present for the first gag, so I can't provide the evidence for that one just yet, however here's the video of you micspamming without staff:

    To address your inconsistency remark quickly, it is impossible to quantify and regulate mic spam punishments. It's all for the most part based on discretion, because we have no other option, unless you want us to set a decibel limit for the server, which is ridiculous and unreasonable. This leads to some staff being more lenient than others. And you must understand that after pushing staff to rgag you so many times, why there is a desire to have you serve a longer punishment.

    Nonetheless, this is an appeal first and foremost. Given the remarkable fact you have an uncanny ability to be gagged more than once every time you play, amassing an insane amount of gags for the time that you've spent on the servers, why specifically should you be unbanned?
  4. Ashes Relandi

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    Just to add - for some reason recording didn't really render which is odd but nonetheless you're already aware of your first gag which I did here:
    Your extensive history of just eating the mic/mic spamming is fairly large so you basically saw this coming.

    This is basically leading back to the whole optimal situation and his mic spam about a year back or so (ish). If you want us to be super anal about Mic Spam, then so be it.

    But otherwise my part is done which was the initial gag but that's about it.
  5. Titan

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    So @TheRealFuckyDucky you haven't particularly been receptive to this appeal. Given the fact that you are nearing the halfway point of your ban, I'll give you until that point, which is the tenth. Otherwise I'm just going to deny the ban appeal. If you want, feel free to take any convos into discord dm's. I would be elated to have a discussion about discrepancies among staff and any ideas you have to improve the issues you see. (y)

  6. Yeah idk why I even made an appeal it was only 14 days I waaaaaaaaay over reacted since it just came out of nowhere. But thank you for showing some mercy all wise admin.
  7. Titan

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    Alright, well all things considered, I'll just close the appeal. Feel free to DM me regardless if you've got any complaints/criticisms, I'd love to hear it.

    Appeal: Denied
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