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  1. TheDoctor094

    TheDoctor094 Daddy Doctor Banned VIP+

    Report or Appeal:
    Username of the reported player:
    Echo/Forcie's Lover
    Explain the case:
    I made a statement in SB which Echo presumed was about him, I said that it had not been and it then led to a small argument between him and I, Yuuki then warned us to both stop and that I especially should because Opalium had already warned me yesterday. I said that I did not recall the warning from yesterday, so Casual gave me a formal warning (although I would say that was unnecessary considering Yuuki had enlightened me of the warning), after the first warning, from Yuuki, I had stopped making any comments about the situation as had Echo, however a few minutes later Echo decided to harass me and instigate by calling me a liar, I said that I felt harassed in SB, and that Echo had been instigating (which Humancowcakes had also said he was doing), however not a single member of staff that was in SB gave Echo a warning for harassing me and instigating, yet I got a warning yesterday. Therefore I believe Echo should be given a forum warning for instigating and harassment, considering the fact I had been given one yesterday for the same thing.​
    Related Evidence:
    Echo's instigation and harassment of me:
  2. ⚔️ ⚔️ screwdriver Banned VIP Silver

    already had a warn bud
  3. TheDoctor094

    TheDoctor094 Daddy Doctor Banned VIP+

    You were warned for something other than what this report was about
  4. ⚔️ ⚔️ screwdriver Banned VIP Silver

    i cant be bothered to deal with this shit. im in hospital. i had to resign to keep stress down and it's had the exact opposite effect. piece out fuckers.
  5. TheDoctor094

    TheDoctor094 Daddy Doctor Banned VIP+

    I'm not reporting you because you're in hospital, or because you resigned, nor is it because you're stress. I'm reporting you because you haven't been warned for harassing me and continuing to instigate even though we were both warned to stop, even though I was warned for it yesterday
  6. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald

    I'll reiterate previous warnings for clarity: Let's bury this given dispute and keep all aspects of it off our services. We're done here.

    Seeing as I considered these shoutbox excerpts as a contribution to another assigned discplinary action already, I'll consider this handled.

    Thanks for reporting.
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