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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by IcE.Cream, Dec 27, 2015.

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    I'd like to share my Twitch to (hopefully) get more followers. I don't really know how to grow, but if you guys want to follow me, I'll follow you back. I'm gonna try to start streaming at least twice a week. Mostly playing PUBG and Overwatch.
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    Heyo Everyone!

    I'm a Twitch streamer and YouTuber. I'm kind a variety FPS streamer with the majority of it being PUBG right now.

    I do solos, duos, and squads; willing to team up with people if they join my Discord.

    Links to YouTube, Discord, Merch, and Donations can be found on my channel at .

    Don't forget to follow!
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  5. RhazhBash

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    So I'm a huge clone hero player, and Mango made me wanna dust off the twitch account.

    If you haven't heard of clone hero, it's basically a fanmade version of guitar hero/rock band. I've been streaming it lately at

    If you want a taste of what the streams are like here's a video I made a while ago.

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  6. Elvis

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    Name: Oblivious
    Channel Link:
    I just started building my stream. I dont have a set game that I will stream each time, I like variation. If you have any feedback to give please do so!