The new N word: The F word!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Xproplayer, Jan 29, 2018.

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    its 8 pages now
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    *cough* Serfdom in the Russian empire *cough*
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    Sorry for being late to the party but :oops:

    She didn't say that white straight people cannot be harassed, nor was she being racist. Don't try to mix up her words. It's also ironic you point out a fallacy while arguing against points she never even made.
    The thread is about, more or less, white straight people arguing on whether or not the "N-word" or "F-word" should be allowed on these servers, which shouldn't be their decision to begin with.
    If a white straight person wants to argue for the misuse of "cracker" or "cis scum" in the community, so be it, but that isn't what we're talking about
    And tbf, Kyul's comment, which Becca was replying to, did not at all imply that the words had any ounch of negative connotation, which is clearly not the case.
    Black racists and homophobes still exist, and these words are still used against them daily. And in Becca's case, her country made made it legal to be gay barely 20 years ago. Even gay marriage was just legalized in the US a few years back
    I don't understand how you can even imply the argument that straight white males have nearly the same battles to face as black or gay people. And this is coming from an extremely straight, extremely white male

    I sincerely doubt that those saying "we should be allowed to say these words, regardless of context", have never experienced discrimination: white, black, gay, straight or otherwise.

    This all being said, I do believe in reverse racism. Blacks can discriminate whites and gays can discriminate straight people. However, on the grand scheme of things, the main victims of racism are the ones who these words refer towards
    And I don't believe that these words should NEVER be used. We shouldn't ban texts and books for having the words in them, even if it is in a negative context, as it reflects the culture of the time
    Even nowadays these words should still be allowed to be used in a professional discussion without anyone getting offended, so long as it remains factual and unprovoking
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    The difference between a serf and a slave can become quite hard to differentiate.

    • A serf is a peasant of the medieval manor.
    A serf, by definition is; an agricultural labourer bound by the feudal system who was tied to working on his lord's estate.

    • A slave is a worker, who belongs to their master, or lord.
    A slave, by definition is; (especially in the past) a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.

    A major difference between the two would be; A slave is not paid, and belongs to someone, and a serf is paid, (in barley and food mostly), and does not belong, as such, to their master, but is bound to them.

    The lines CAN become blurred easily, because in serfs always have to obey their master and do whatever his whim. But, that is because they are bound by the feudal system. It is because of their societal rank.

    Serfs had rights slaves did not.
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    This has gone too silly. Good chat guys...
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    Closed at request of OP. Should you be interested in the opinions of the administration, please see the posts made on the first page. Thanks.
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