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Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Festive Fiona Fantasmo, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Red

    Red Harbinger of Arceus VIP

    a promise that never came true
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  2. HyperStryker

    HyperStryker Supporter

    A toy RC Helicoper that I never used.... I put it in my garage and now I don't know where it is (I haven't looked). Kinda feel sad that it went to waste.
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  3. Hingle

    Hingle Simply the best. Mod Elite

    My uncle sent me a giant replica of my house, except made of gingerbread.
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  4. Killua

    Killua Member

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  5. lilpup618

    lilpup618 VIP

    An electric scooter. Thank You for the giveaway!
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  6. ee.

    ee. Supporter

    An actual egg with a face drawn onto it with a marker. It also had toothpicks stuck into it as arms and legs...
    (This gift was given to me by my little sister. Aged 4 at the time.)
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  7. Qaaap

    Qaaap 404 User not found. VIP

    Toys for young children, my aunt really wanted me to decline the gift so her kids could have it (that same aunt gave me that present)

    I was: 14 back then
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  8. Bacon Bombs

    Bacon Bombs VIP Bronze

    The Twilight book series when I was like was bad.
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  9. Milo

    Milo Meow Mod Legendary

    Got a head of broccoli when I was like 3 or 4, loved it. Put it right in the fridge

    If possible, entering for @Grimoire+ since I don't personally need elite atm

    Thanks for the giveaway Scotty!
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  10. The new that my girlfriend cheated on me.... with my "best friend".
  11. Merry Zypmas

    Merry Zypmas #ZypUp Mod Elite

    I was given one of those cool dino excavation thingies. didn't do it for years and then it was just awful. Idk. it was probably a good gift for my age when I got it.
  12. Manbaby

    Manbaby VIP+

    i enter for elite. i love pentatonix btw it is the best band thx for the giveaway. :):):):)
  13. Manbaby

    Manbaby VIP+

    shoe lace that my dog had slobbered on
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  14. Kinky Elvis

    Kinky Elvis The FuckBoi of STTT MVP

    My 13th bday my mum decided it was an awesome idea to get me a barbie doll set as a joke since I had just become a teenager. Jokes on her I played with that set for nearly a year a half before she found out and threw it away....
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  15. pekka26

    pekka26 Member

    I got a virtual crab
  16. I got socks and some not very nice candy.
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  17. dude85632

    dude85632 VIP

    Probably a Rubik's 360. upload_2017-12-6_12-58-35.jpeg
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  18. Festive Fiona Fantasmo

    Festive Fiona Fantasmo ㅤㅤㅤ Mod Legendary

    I'm sorry I gotta comment here. #Feelsbadman
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  19. Flan™

    Flan™ VIP+

    my weirdest present ever was a $5 toy and some candy :(

    thanks for the giveaway btw (y)
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  20. BeedoBoyo

    BeedoBoyo A man of men from the man-man VIP

    A steak, wrapped raw. Got to admit I was confused
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