The Daily SGM Paper - VANILLA CORRUPTION - 9/10/20

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    Shitposts on the Forums
    Today, a post appeared on the forums from @Troll Face. This post detailed his minuscule effort to kill a few mods and how he somewhat successfully did it. In response, some characters of the server had this to say:

    @Aquast : "fucking what do you want a goddamn medel?"
    @Pacifist : "fucking what do you want a goddamn medel?"
    @Spreadsheet : "medel"

    From what it seems, @Troll Face is someone trying to "troll" but is very bad at creating shitposts. When we surveyed the players of SGM to rank shitposters in a tier list. @Troll Face was unanimously placed below F tier. The whole server is asking, when will he be banned again?

    Vanilla Corruption
    When a certain player attempts to join a vanilla minecraft 24/7 server, they would expect to be met by the warm nostalgic feeling they had growing up playing actual minecraft. Maybe to here Sweden -C418 playing in the background while you laugh with your friends picking up props with magneto sticks.

    Instead, a player joining Serious Vanilla Minecraft 24/7 TTT should expect nothing but lies, death, and depression. No players were on East or West (Possibly due to the robot on crashtheroof) so I decided to test the waters of vanilla. Upon my first round, playing on the shitty minecraft remake of community pool, I was taking a piss in the right bathroom stall. My traitor buddy, who I shall not name (juanii chan), walked in behind me and shoved my head in the toilet. He then proceeded to lock me in and flood the bathroom, drowning me to my death.

    When I asked for Trial Mod @Chinaski 's statements, he had this to say:

    "This round?" "Gerafe, that's your fault!"

    It is such a shame to see traitors violently swirlying their buddies on vanilla. I now know what vanilla entails and for now, I advise all of you to stay far and safe away.

    Chad joins a list
    Infamous TTT player Chad came onto vanilla today bragging to fellow players about a girl named Indy he found on tinder. While Chad normally spends the rounds staring at his own spray of himself, he changed his spray to his tinder conversation consisting of messages such as:

    "You like atheletic men?"

    Chad also had this to say in regards to his possible eventual sexual relations with said girl:
    "Indy226, I'm going to be thinking of you the whole time."

    Chad is a very muscular man who is ripped from playing Garry's Mod all day. Both Chad and Indy226 are banned from this forum, but can be found for their statements probably on Vanilla TTT.

    Everyone give a happy birthday to our favorite @Frost

    smxkrs will be missed by all of us here at Daily SGM. He bravely armed a C4 for 45 seconds as an innocent in a game of roulette that was disarmed by a player who forgot to take a bomb disarming class. He killed 6 innocents and 2 traitors earning himself a karma ban.

    Unorganized ツ will be missed by many on the Vanilla TTT server. He played C4 Roulette and was dealt a bad hand. He was a detective who blew up 4 innocents including: @Indy226 @Yo am trash @DandyDave and @gerafe. He was karma banned and removed from the game subsequently.
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  4. Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    I love being in school and learning what I've missed out on
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  5. my response - paci was bullying me for being of another color which isn't cool. uhhh the mods i couldnt kill never got on cuz they suck. and i got a huge cock. destroyed.
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    Now this is a newspaper outlet I'd subscribe to
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  7. Finally a honest news source. I can get behind this
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    Glad I can catch up on the daily happenings
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    im 8bitf0x and I approve this
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    i cant wait till i get featured in the daily sgm paper
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    I like this newspaper article because it's funny.
    You know why it's funny?
    Because it's not written by a TikThot.
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  13. Another great newspaper by the one and only player that made their profile pic in ms paint. Great read for all of your daily sgm paper devoid followers.
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    day 2 of han's return
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    I love this you should do more of them
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    this is not me, u know me ;)
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    Finally some unbiased news
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    The only news you can trust these days tbh
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