The Daily SGM Paper - MARG SIMSIM - 9/11/20

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    Mods Abuse Their Hierarchy of Power by Gagging Innocent Players
    Last night, at approximately sometime during last night, infamous moderator @Hosi gagged Marshall Zuijjj multiple times. We here at Daily SGM believe in free speech for the people and this man was only spouting his fair and honest opinion.

    The moderators of this server think it is fair to mute and gag players at will. They do not know what it is like to have a sock shoved in your mouth and duck taped wrapped so tightly around your face you need a band-aid after cause it hurts. It is time for this tyranny to end.

    I call for this, remove all mods in power who have used this "gag" command. If you are really going to call this server "Serious" then you need to be serious about our rights. Gags are inhumane and upsetting. The people are calling to be able to express themselves at free will. When servers go for hours without a mod or an admin, who is gagged? No one! Yet, no one complains, all is fair. Problems have only risen when players are gagged.

    A Boy and His Lost House
    As we all know, devastating forest fires are rampaging across the West coast. Somewhat known player @Grumble recently lost his house in Oregon. He did not want me to post a go fund me, but you can message him for ways to help. When someone asked him about it, he had this to say:

    "I don't live in Oregon you fucking idiot"

    We are all here to support the members of this community and we hope @Grumble can find his house wherever he lost it.

    COVID-19 is Evolving
    A VIP and player named Covid-19 today on the TTT West server finally learned how to play the game. On the map Roy the Ship, Covid was essential in eliminating the innocents for a victory for the traitors. Player @gerafe killed @veL who happened to be the traitor. What gerafe didn't know was that veL "KOS'd" him in chat. This should not have mattered under normal circumstances, but this is far from a normal situation. Covid used his humongous brain power to analyze the situation.

    Gerafe was an innocent and veL was a traitor, but was there another possibility. That is what went through Covid's head this day. Either that or just a couple pebbles swishing around a hollow skull. Covid sensed something was wrong and shot gerafe dead in the water like a fish. He murdered his proven innocent buddy. When confronted with questions on why he would do such acts, Covid admitted he is a big dumbo and normally only plays sandbox, but also he doesn't even know how to shift+e props.

    The nice and kind players (opposite of vanilla) of TTT West kindly explained to Covid how to use tab to understand what it means to be proven and that buying VIP doesn't make you good at the game. When mods were confronted on their decision not to slay Covid for his mistake, they had this to say:

    "We aren't going to slay him because he followed a KOS even if it was from a dead traitor, also he is VIP so we cannot slay him as much as normal people like you *spits*"

    At least Covid now knows how to use tab and can hopefully learn what it means to be traitor and innocent next.

    Our resident favorite moderator @Frost has a very special birthday today!!!

    Today, we lost a great member of this community who consistently put his life on the line to give life to others. He once gave a traitor ammo as an innocent because he wanted him to have a fair chance. Half-Fast on TTT West decided to play C4 Roulette. A C4 was bought and placed by a traitor in the spawn of Community Pool. Half-Fast decided, in his wisdom, to arm the C4 for 10 minutes, which promptly exploded in a failed disarm attempt. His actions caused the deaths of 5 innocents. He was karma banned and subsequently banned for 5 more days. Conspirators are wondering why only C4 roulette bans are in the eulogy and I am here to tell you it has nothing to do with The Daily SGM
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    will be in next edition of news
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  5. I now respect your paper can’t wait for the next one.
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  6. Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    Who did in the eulogy
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    @Grumble I hope you find your house

    @Frost Happy birthday bitchboi
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    The lives lost were too many, we are still searching the rubble
  10. Reading this makes me literate, another great webtoon by gireffe
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    I was a witness to Half Fasts demise, truly a sad affair

    (i'm pretty sure it was also my T round lets goooooooooooooooo)
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    reading this makes me wet
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    The Eulogy is truly a sad event. Hopefully everyone fully recovers
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    Where the fuck is my house?
  18. I thought this was gonna be a scandalous takedown on me.