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    Hey guys, I never really thought I would be making this so soon. Due to recent events that I do not agree with on any terms in any way whatsoever, so I will be leaving my spot as an administrator. This is an extremely sad situation for me, this is not how I expected to take my leave, and my least favorite way to do so.

    I might as well explain my story, and how I ended up here.

    The Beginning

    When I first joined this community I was just trying to have some fun on TTT, it was one of my favorite game modes on Garry’s Mod. I would get on, spend my time on the servers and then leave. After speaking with some former mods, @Steven @bobasawr and some others, they pretty much convinced me to apply for mod.

    Gunning for Mod

    When I applied for mod, I only knew one current staff member, which was Steven. I didn’t have many hours on the community, and just wanted to be apart of a team and get a feel of what it was like. After a week or so I was picked up by Muffin, who pretty much treated his mods like trading cards and moved me to @Darktooth when he thought MegatroN was reapplying.


    Being on TeamTooth actually worked out for me, this is because unlike my previous admin he treated me like a human being, and wanted me to prosper as a person. I had a blast on this team for a while, and then school caught up to me and forced me to resign.

    *Skipping some of my other terms as mod as they are somewhat irrevelant*

    Gunning for Admin

    When I applied for mod, and got picked up by the meme master @Toxin, I was really happy. I got to be a mod with my best friend, @Machinekiller00 and hang out with him every day. During this time I got to meet some great people such as Alpha, BmTron Silent Rebel, Kenny, and so on. It felt like I was apart of a great group of friends. I am really happy that I had this experience, I actually miss these days.

    During this time as mod I had one goal, become an admin. It was the one thing I had to achieve while had the chance. And after a month or so of trying and working my ass off I was finally considered. Darktooth was going to interview me, and I was ready I had practiced 100 times for this moment and wasn’t going to blow it.

    As most of you current mods know, it sucks when you think you’re going to be the next admin and you get looked over. Well, not many people know this, but this happened to me… to the max. I was the next admin, almost. I had everything ready, and I was super super surprised when I saw Rozboon take the admin spot. I refreshed the forums and saw him in the spot that I thought was mine, Darktooth interviewed him first and was confident enough in him to not interview anyone else. While we all know this was a mistake, shit happens.

    Computer Dies

    My computer died, I had to leave the staff team and my dreams of admin went with it. I started to troll and stopped caring for the community at all. I decided that my chances were over and all I was to people was a troll. So I left the community for 7 months during this time I just chilled and did stuff on my PS4.


    After my big break I decided to fix my PC and come back to the community. I was very excited to come back to my friends and see what they were up to.

    I found a new group to hang out with and it consisted of the following people, @Machinekiller00, @Mr. Rogers @Pandora @Sinz @Kyogre @Verified @C.A. Anna and @Aries

    Little did I know these people were going to be my best friends. I spent all my time at my PC with these guys. So many memories were made, and eventually I reapplied for mod and got picked up by @Slicck.

    After a while of being on Slicck, I knew he was going to resign soon, so I joined Kyogre’s team. And I just hung out with them for a while.


    After a while of being with Kyogre’s team, he was finally made a Lead Admin and because of this I had high hopes for becoming an admin.

    I had high hours, I spoke well in discussions, and I knew I could do it. I had everything it takes, and eventually one night out of the blue, I was interviewed.

    I was so happy, I got interviewed, and thought I was the next admin.

    To my surprise I woke up to Veri being admin, and I am not going to lie, I cried a little bit. I thought I was ready and that it was my shot.

    After another month of waiting on October 8th I was made an admin. I finally made it and achieved my goal..

    Time as Admin

    During this time the whole staff scene changed for me, being an admin actually opens a whole new world. Everything was much bigger, choices were up to me, I could global ban, etc.

    My biggest pride in my very very short admin run was having a team. @Lightning @Koba @Butterback @Jigat

    You guys are my favorite people, you made me very proud and I am sorry it has to end like this, but I can’t handle it anymore.

    The End

    Things don’t always go to plan, and eventually everything that you thought was perfect goes to shit. I am sorry if I failed any of you, I tried my hardest and I know I have messed up, due to this I am hoping you saw me as a good admin.

    @Desert my latest tmod, I hope you do well, make me proud buddy.

    This is really rushed, sorry.

    Random people I couldn't fit in


    @Steve Mason
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  2. Nothing is going to be okay when your'e gone, but after eveyrhting thats transpired, I understand.. ;_;
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  3. Tinbuster00

    Tinbuster00 See you on the forums! VIP Silver Emerald

    It's been great sharing this experience with you Ryan.

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  4. Patrick

    Patrick Ex-Deathrun Administrator Banned Legendary

    Started in the van, now we're here.
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  5. Guardia

    Guardia The future refused to change, Game Over. VIP

    ;_;7 You were amazing at what you did, never forget that.
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  6. Twin I never wanted to see you leave, never in this conditions. Twin what ever you do keep in touch twin.
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  7. Agent A


    Well. It's a shame things have to end this way. I promise you that Desert will be a great trial moderator. Furthermore, thank you for everything you did for the community.
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  8. Robokiller87

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  9. Lone Wanderer

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    Damn. This isn't how I wanted to see anyone leave the community.

    I remember you back when I was a moderator my first time around. We never really got to know each other that well, but you've always seemed like a nice guy to me. It was cool to see you in blue with a thriving team when I returned to the community a few months ago.

    It's a shame the events that have happened today have forced you away to the community; I can understand where you are in all of this, and it's a place I've been in before, and it's not a good one. Hope things turn out well for you wherever you end up going in your life, gaming or otherwise. I'm sad I didn't get to know you that well, but maybe that will change sometime in the future.

    But if not, stay cool Ryan. I respect your decision, and hope things go well for you.
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  10. Jigat

    Jigat "Computer over"?! "Virus = Very yes"?!? VIP

    Its a terrible day for rain.

    With everything that has happened, I understand. I'll make you proud buddy!
    We will take care of @Desert like you would have wanted!

    You were an awesome admin, always giving advice, but never condescending. You helped with reports and ban appeals, and you were a wonderful person to hang out with!

    Its a shame to see you go, but we will remember the good while we had it!
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  11. Desert

    Desert Nein! Nein! Nein! VIP

    This saddens me as we only got to work together for a short time, but I understand your decision and I will support you.

    You were an amazing admin, you treated me fairly and like a real person. Your kindness resonates with others and it goes a long way, your contribution to this community will not be forgotten, and for that we thank you for what you have done for the community.

    I also want to thank you for giving me a chance to show what I've got, I am extremely thankful, I give you my word that I will try to the absolute best of my ability to make you proud.

    So, with that I bid you farewell, I hope your future turns out well and that life goes well also.
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  12. Silent Rebel

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    Damn I'll miss this one
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  13. Rose♥

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    For the 10 minutes you hung out in my TS channel for was the only real time I ever talked to you :p I see how things are, but things can change.
    Stay positive.
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  14. DieKasta

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    Thanks ryan
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  15. ryan4win

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  16. I probably shouldnt double post on this and i really should be going to sleep and all, but I wanted to make something clear;

    There are a lot of good staff (or were, whatever). I know its a whole meme and all with the badmins and goodmins, one mod one rule no mods no rules, all good fun, really funny. You, however were my favorite staff member as a whole. I like(d) a lot of the staff and all, but you were the one who was almost unconditionally kind to me and honestly when I found you had made Lead Admin, I was welling up with pride for you. Like, I was legit happy. Seeing you leave now literally breaks my heart, even at the end of the day where many memes and jokes had been passed, seeing you off the team after how hard you worked for it frustrates me on a personal level, but there isn't much I can do for you but leave a serious farewell for you.

    You will always be my favorite staff member in any game Ive ever played (fuck im actually crying a bit now like literally, this is dumb lol). Thanks for everything youve done as admin Ryan. Much love as always.
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  17. ryan4win

    ryan4win I was supposed to do great things Banned VIP+ Silver

    Thank you Crippling it means a lot to me.

    You were always so funny and happy when we played together, you made my days brighter by making me laugh and I thank you for that.

    A lot of people thought you were just a troll but I saw past that, you just want to make people laugh and I amend you for that.

    See you on the servers, friend. :)
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  18. Cake

    Cake I like red VIP

    gonna miss you in sb
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  19. I remember playing with you and seeing how nice you were to people. I'm sorry it had to end up as it did.
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  20. The Seventh

    The Seventh Bloom. VIP

    Hey, best of luck in the future!
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