Finished The 10000 points comeback giveaway.

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    Well...Never done a giveaway pretty sure. Time to change that...and what better time to change that than when you come back and school is right around the corner. Pretty simple:There will be 2 winners with a total prize pool of 10000 points.

    The 1st prize
    winner will receive the 8000 points.

    The 2nd surprise winner will be rolled a day after the 1st prize is selected. The said winner will receive the remaining 2000 points.

    To enter, all you have to do is rate the OP(Original Post)Positive for the 1st part(8k points).For the 2nd surprise part, all participants must have both rated the OP positive and commented. These are the rules. During the 1st part, only rate positive and if you want, comment. During the 2nd part, you need to comment if you want to enter for the surprise winner.

    Winner 1 is drawn on 15th of September. Winner 2 is drawn on 16th of September.
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  2. JackThePumpkin

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    Its not a surprise if you literally state the prize and when the winner will be drawn.
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  3. Anarchy

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    It's a surprise who the winner will be ;)
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    Thanks for the giveaway :>
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  8. Cereal KiIler

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    I have almost no chances, but still :p
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    I like surprises.
  13. k
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    thanks for the giveaway!
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    thanks for the giveaway
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