Tell me, was this "valid" KOS?

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Was this unfair based on my post you read?

  1. Yes, I think this was unfair based on rules.

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  2. No, You are too serious ´bout this.

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  3. Dont know, /r/notmyjob situation.

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  4. Both (Reply and state your reasoning why)

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  1. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Active Member

    TL;DR: Det said KOS on me, didnt seen me shooting anyone yet accused me based I shoot people from above, likely he assumed that the who shot/sniped on him that came from direction I was standing yet didnt seen me directly as person shooting anyone was prob me so he accused/KOS me. Read whole post if you want to understand more.

    So imagine a situation like this. (You = I, sportakus1 if youwant be third person)

    You are playing a vanilla TTT seriousgmod minecraft server, on a map that has alot trees, in the middle of map there is TNT t trap, tester has explosive T trap with fire, 2 nether portals that connect to nether that has hallway(s), going to the other portal back to main get the gist.

    Now, you got Traitor role, you go on one of the trees (I think all of them has sniper rifle on top of them with ammo) and sit on that tree that below of it is T door, next to building with secret knife.

    Ok, you decide to gamble with sniping, you hide on top of the tree behind leaves blocks. So every time you sniped at someone, you could just make 1 step to be hidden from sight OF EVERYONE. Not even below could see you. Ok, so far you tried headshotting but it didnt worked. It either missed or landed on "body". No one said that someone is sniping them.

    So, after some while, you see detective on the left from your perspective, he stands perfectly on a spot that no one else sees you, unless the det with his other buddies following him would turn their heads onto direction where your sniping came from. Luckily, that didnt happen, they were looking at completely other direction, looking at your T buddy from other side of map, getting accused of being T. He is killed, of course, while at it, you snipe det. You sniped det while he was standing, on his head. Somehow, it landed on his body, due his body wasnt lying on ground on that particular place when u peeked after some seconds. He was gone.

    Now, you are hiding after the shot,after around 15-30 seconds, you see the det and his buddies did not even looked at you, they were still looking at that same direction before you shot them. SO you weren´t seen. You wait like 30 seconds. You peek again, now det is looking at tree you were standing on. He spots you INSTANTLY. Now you think in your head "Well, he sees me but cant accuse you cus he didnt seen me shooting at people, therefore its completely safe and I can say hi to det with my mic!".mp3.

    Welp, he says in the chat "KOS sportakus1". You crap your pants. You ask "why?" on your mic. "I didnt do anything wrong, you dont have valid proof. You didnt seen me shooting at people!". While you said it, you get shot, you have quart (around 25%) of your HP left. It seems they will not get stopped unless you will hide. You quickly go into T room below the tree. You start asking why he did KOS on you. Det doesnt respond, people talk about going into T room but not the before that happened. Ok, you decided to teleport into a house from T room. They kill you next to tester cus det and his buddies coincidently went there first. You get killed, and reported the detective.

    Now, you reported the det. You said: "why did you say KOS on me? You did not have any reason."

    You are mad, you talk on mic and also on chat, he rdmed you. He did not seen YOU doing T action. You did not sniped while det was looking at you. People telling he killed you cus "you went into T room" but that doesnt make sense in chronological order, cus he said KOS before you went into T room. Ok, the det player responds "you were shooting/sniping at people from tree/above" but I told it in chat or mic, how if he never seen you sniping from the tree while looking at you, and while you were sniping at det that wasnt looking at you, you weren´t sniping at anyone else at THAT time. Before sniping det, the det was not in your sight and vice versa.

    So you tell mod why, why he wont slay the person based on my reasoning. He completely avoids it, doesnt tell directly the reason, only he speaks in way like det´s respond and people saying you went into T room.

    You get mad, you leave. He didnt get slayed, as the KOS on you was completely unfair.

    Not telling what mod was in server unless one of mods want me to PM them.

    I hope this was not annoying to read as my vocabulary is not big so I repeat some words too much.
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  2. jshore

    jshore VIP

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  3. Jmanp

    Jmanp Member

    From what I can see in this instance it could either have been fair or not fair depending.

    If he KOSed you because you were in that tree then it would be a false KOS as you cannot KOS on Location, however if he somehow saw your name when you shot and just did not decide to call it out at first it would be valid.
    I do highly doubt the second option is the case as no one just sees someone shooting and doesn't call them out right away.

    From what I can see the detective KOS'ed based off location which would be false however after you went into the T Room I think they must have saw you as people were saying they saw you go into the T Room and killed you because of that.

    Honestly as I was not there I cannot really say.
  4. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Active Member

    Your thinking is correct and I would say the same way. I been hiding on the tree on a side and on a place that no would seen me unless they would climb tree and risk their life jumping from a tree to a tree until they were close to me, but no one was on any tree based what I seen from my eye and based no one was accusing me of being T, so det saying nowhere I am a T was really sudden, as no way I seen him turning around his head to look at my direction while I was sniping him.

    Il add TL;DR, but expect that it may be not the same thing as when oyu read the whole post. I am really bad at shortening my story.
  5. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

    That's actually a tactic I've used. Sometimes this is based upon which weapon I'm using or what I'm doing at the time. If he has a long range weapon and I have my AK, I'm not going to give him the upper hand of knowing I am going to kill him.

    To me, this sounds like a narrowed perspective of the entire situation. It's completely possible that while he was ADS and shooting, someone could have seen him.
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  6. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Active Member

    Most people use the tactic of shooting at someone then dissapearing around a corner, well, if you shot someone that wasnt looking at you nor other people was looking at you.

    Funny thing is, once upon a time, dont know if glitch-in-the-matrix situation happened, I got shot from behind and took MASSIVE dmg, I have like around 10 hp left. While I took the dmg, there was someone behind me following, but when I looked at log file when round ended, there was nothing that mentioned that I got shot by someone else.

    It was strange.
  7. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    Anywho. @sportakus1, to the extent that I understand your description, the KOS is invalid. And if that is the detectives only reason, he RDM'd.

    It is possible to make a case for common sense kill/KOS, but based on the response you describe, his reason is too vague to be counted as such (it'd be closer to a common sense claim if he said something like "i was watching the trees and you were the only one who jumped up there, so it could only be you shooting at people") - but if he knew that, he would've almost certainly called the KOS the moment he was sniped at, rather than wait.
    So all in all, I'd deem it a case of RDM, for the reason that detective most likely based his KOS on location rather than certain proof.

    However - to defend the mod - given that you didn't get (m)any kills, the moderator most likely could not see every shot you made in the death scenes. So because the mod could not prove that the detective did not see you shoot, they couldn't slay him, as staff need to have 100% certainty before punishment is given.
    You needn't be angry at the mod in this scenario, they most likely acted within their means to help you, but could not give punishment since they lacked evidence.

    It's understandable to get frustrated when you know you've been RDM'd but the RDMer isn't slain, but that's how the rules are set up. To prevent you getting slain/banned when you didn't RDM.

    EDIT: Mind, if (as mentioned in a previous reply) he did see you shooting, the KOS would be perfectly valid.
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  8. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Active Member

    Thank god someone understand the situation. But yeah, based on that the log for mod doesnt show everything, only if X person shot/pushed/damaged Y person or smth that they dont have every detail to determine that DET did false KOS.

    But I was very mad that people said that DET kosed me based I went into T room and not based that he KOSed me without seeing me shooting anyone. The whole server called me "salty kid" while I was explaining the story in chronological order.

    Too bad I cant talk fast on mic and saying it on chat makes people just not read due you post one-by-one sentence each time to progress the story.
  9. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    My take on the situation is a bit different than what I read so far on this thread. The way you've explained the situation makes it seem as if someone other than the D killed you, and you reported him for the false KOS.

    One of the things with false KOSes, is that it is only slayable if the KOS results in your death.

    You mentioned after you were KOS'd, you jumped into to T room, and then people started talking about that saying you went in there.

    What likely happened is this. The mod didn't slay the D because the person who killed you didn't do so based on the KOS, or at least not only for that reason, but because it was said that you were seen going into the T room, which is a traitorous act. If they killed you because you went in the T room, regardless if you had already been KOS'd, it wouldn't result in a slay for the D who false KOS'd you, because the KOS didn't directly result in your death.
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  10. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    Assuming it to be the case that the dete had no involvement in the kill, yes.
    But I read it as the det (and others) being his killer - that is, the detective did shoot him for the stated reason - and others justifying it with the t room thing.
    It is ambiguous, so you bring up a valid point.
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  11. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Active Member

    You both make some fair point. I got to the tester and the det with one inno came there (If I remember, only det and one inno, dont know where other inno went as I remember 2 innos were guarding T door outside, hoping I would attack them there.

    I dont know which person I killed first. If it was det or the inno. Both were shooting at me. I am pretty sure the det killed me as he has armor and I killed one guy with one shotgun shot.

    EDIT: I forgot to say that when the det said "KOS sportakus1" while looking at me, I am pretty sure I got shot from him first, then following with another shots prob coming from innos.
  12. Ted

    Ted The knight in white armor! Silver

    From a mods perspective.

    We can see when people are kos'ed if chat is used, voice chat is demanding video evidence.
    We can also see when you opened a t room (like once in a million it is bugged). So in my opinion the mod could've 1+1'ed if you said to him/her that he was lying in his report and kos'ed you before you went inside.

    I wasn' there though so i can't judge for my co-worker.
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  13. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Active Member

    Yeah he said KOS before I decided to go into T room (cus I got shoot at and people didnt listen to my mic about why det said KOS on me)

    But he didnt say any reason when I was asking him why, not even in chat or on mic while I was alive.
  14. lol i remember as a another Detective talking on D teamchat about someone from trees shooting at tester i saw the way gunshots went that day and warned them in D teamchat so there your mystery solved if you mean exactly that day so
  15. i was near an area that had your gunshots visible while shooting so i became stealthy about it first
  16. sportakus1

    sportakus1 Active Member

    You weren´t in that server that ti-

    Actually looking at your steam profile, I know you, but no, I wasnt shooting at the tester, there was another T buddy that was on a tree you could climb, he was shot from multiple people including det, I wasnt shooting at tester.