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Finished Tax Returns Bonanza

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Siddo❄, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Juissi :D

    Juissi :D Epic VIP

    Prefer 1st khtx
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  2. Kenn

    Kenn Member

    can i win any? ty
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  3. Smusha

    Smusha Meme Marine & Staffin' Machine VIP

    First would be alright.
    If not lemme get uhh 3rd instead.

    Thanks for not being smart when it comes to spending your money but doing it in our benefit!
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  4. Siddo❄

    Siddo❄ Dork Administrator Elite

    >>>But I won't call you gay this time<<<​

    Since having this "in progress" irks me, I'll be drawing TONIGHT.
    If you haven't entered yet - hurry up.

    I'll make an additional post when I stop counting entries, then follow it up with announcement of the winners.
    Estimated time of drawing: 8 hours from this post.
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  5. JackThePumpkin

    JackThePumpkin VIP Bronze

    2nd would be good
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  6. MiGGo

    MiGGo coolgamer VIP

    I prefer legendary because that's what i am
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  7. Han

    Han       VIP

    I'll enter for #2, thanks siddo
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  8. Siddo❄

    Siddo❄ Dork Administrator Elite

    Time's up ladies :oo:

    Out of the kindness of my kokoro, I will enter the fuckers who rated other things than Creative. Be grateful.
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  9. Siddo❄

    Siddo❄ Dork Administrator Elite

    First the drawing of the winners:
    The winners are:
    1) @PixeL
    2) @mae
    3) @DarkShiny

    Their respective preferences were:
    1) N/A
    2) 1st/3rd
    3) 1st/3rd
    The reroll of 2 & 3:
    Their respective winnings are:
    PixeL gets Prize #2 by default.
    mae gets Prize #1 by winning the reroll.
    DarkShiny gets Prize #3 by losing the reroll.

    Please check your forum conversations (I'll need a minute or twenty but they'll be there soonTM).
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  10. mae

    mae angelic Legendary

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  11. ekksdee

    ekksdee wrath Legendary

    lol rigged
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  12. Han

    Han       VIP

    nice, thanks for the generosity siddo
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  13. Siddo❄

    Siddo❄ Dork Administrator Elite

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  14. dazza

    dazza (Un)Official Ed Sheeran Bronze

    2 / 3 pls and rig for me
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  15. Rigged for mod and ex mod and staff
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  16. Toest

    Toest "I am the bus" ~ Falcor, all the time Moderator VIP

    can confirm, not rigged I didnt win
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  17. Boomshakalaka

    Boomshakalaka VIP Bronze

    At least I win something :)
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