Tasers are broken.

Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by Syn, Mar 5, 2019.


Tasers are broken.

  1. Yes

  2. No (yes)

  1. bad reasoning
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  2. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff VIP

    You made your point really clear in the original post and everyone who misunderstood you literally cannot read.
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  3. nilz

    nilz A stereotype Dutch male gamer: cocky, rude/toxic. VIP Bronze

    uhh you can throw it through walls maybe pea brain american stupid dipshit fucker?????????
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  4. Siddo

    Siddo Banned VIP Bronze

    A lecture on homosexuals homonyms
    By Siddo von Snowstein Esquire

    A homonym (noun) is defined as: each of two or more words having the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings and origins. Let's have an example, shall we? Consider meat (noun) and meet (verb). These words are pronounced the same, but one refers to flesh, the other refers to the act of rendesvouzing with another.

    Let's angle our lesson toward this thread. "Tasers are broken". Mostly straightforward, but which kind of broken is in question here? After all, it can have multiple meanings, depending on the context. What does our original poster say on the matter?
    Broken - Adjective [1]
    The state of being damaged or in disorder.
    E.g. tased player's ragdoll colliding with a physics object and causing the player to unalive.

    Broken - Adjective [2]
    The state of being mismatched in power or utility in comparison to other similar tools, particularly used in games.
    E.g. Admin discretion.

    It would appear our OP is using the first one. And for you slow people in the back (I'm looking at you, moderators), that would mean that OP is complaining about the bugs related to the item. Not the item's relative power.

    That'll be all for today. Be sure to join me next time for the lecture on how to not suck dick.
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  5. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    yo this guys harassing me get him outta here

    also thats what, one problem compared to the multiple that the taser is diseased with that all stems from one thing which is going into a ragdoll state

    just fuckin make it so when youre tased youre stripped of your weapons and your frozen in place, that would fix literally all of its problems and make it work as intended
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  6. jshore

    jshore MVP

    tz right
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  7. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff VIP

    Agreed, but shut the fuck up
  8. Sticky Bandit

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  9. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff VIP

    dont worry its just glyph
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  10. Scuffed Water

    Scuffed Water #TheScuffedStaff Moderator VIP Bronze

    Can confirm, taser be very very broke. If you can just kill someone by walking on them, why not just make it so you can shoot the rag doll. It’s so broke every time you go down, you can basically say your dead if it’s in a group.
  11. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    uh you shoot the ragdoll to do damage while theyre tased thats how its supposed to work idk what youre tryna say
  12. Scuffed Water

    Scuffed Water #TheScuffedStaff Moderator VIP Bronze

    I’m agreeing with you tz, tasers are bugged as hell and should be fixed, when the time presents itself.
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