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Discussion in 'Farewells' started by Steve Mason, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Steve Mason

    Steve Mason Honesty. Banned VIP

    Hey guys, I'm sure you've heard of it by now but I'm resigning from my position as an Administrator on this community. If you were here when this all transpired you probably know why already I'm leaving already, I don't want to leak/say anything that isn't necessary so I'll end that here. Essentially, things got carried to the extreme and I was faced with either keeping quiet and ignore everything that happened just to keep this rank. There might be some who think this is a drastic but when what you believe in or values are tested a rank is nothing. There are a lot of people who probably envy the rank Administrator, however it's not just a dodger blue color and importance, that's nothing. A lot of people here would kill for a chance at staff, and I'm fortunate I was given that opportunity. If you played a game with me or had a chance to talk to me, I tried keeping things as light-hearted as possible and make a pleasurable experience for everyone. I wanted this community for people to join and have fun and forget anything that put behind and just enjoy the game. It's a shame things had to come to this but it did. I wish this community nothing but the best and hope people understand the reasons I took this action.

    @GimcSnooper @Ichikunjii @LegitCake @Guardia , you guys were apart of my team when I resigned. There's nothing more I could ask for. You guys were weird in your own way but brought something unique to the table. We all just become best friends and was less of a staff team and more so friends. This will not be goodbye and we'll still play games and have fun. I just wish we had the chance to stay together like this for longer.

    @Aco you made me apply, everything I've done here is because of your push. Our original team was great and I loved having you as my admin. Couldn't be more fitting for me to take over your admin spot and continue doing great things.

    @Kyogre I still remember the first message I got from you. Asking me for an interview to fill that open admin spot, I literally started shaking. I couldn't have asked for a better lead admin, you were amazing and I'm extremely fortunate I was under you. I'm really happy this was a chance for us to become friends and I know it will not end here.

    @ryan4win I remember you wanted me to apply for mod two summers ago, I was going to but your computer died. It's a shame because I could've been apart of this community for longer than just 5-6 months. Thanks for filling me in as an admin and all the times we played CSS/GMOD together. Those times were fun, let's not end it here.

    @Machinekiller00 @Pandora? @Mr. Rogers @Sinz @C.A.Anna you guys are amazing. It's a shame we only got close when I got admin. Everything you've done for this community is something I respected. And it's a shame we all are going out this way, but it's for the better.

    My ex-mods/mod buddies there's a lot of you guys here that I can't tag. Each and every one of you who I talked to made my day that much better. I laughed a lot and genuinely enjoyed your guy's presence. I wish you the best with everything and take care.

    There's a lot of other people I know I'm forgetting but I'm going off the top of my mind, however whoever I talked to recently frequently good luck and take care. You guys truly made this community amazing, and I can see why people keep coming back to this place.

    Wish you guys the best, and remember to fight for what you think is right. This is just a gaming community and you guys will be tested like this in real life as well, where it matters. And with that I make my exit, love you all and thanks for the amazing staff tenure.

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  2. Sinz

    Sinz crumble Banned Legendary

    i love you steve
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  3. LegitCake

    LegitCake Loyalty VIP

    Me too.

    I am very thankful you were able to be my admin, couldn't have asked for a better admin. Thank you for everything!
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  4. Rose♥

    Rose♥ Ideal Female Moderator? VIP Emerald Bronze

    i love you sinz

    i guess steve was cool too
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  5. Robokiller87

    Robokiller87 Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    you did good for when it mattered
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  6. GimcSnooper

    GimcSnooper As a wise man once said, "Zip zop zoobity bop" VIP

    I'm gonna miss #FreeMasonry, Thanks for everything you did for me Steve.
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  7. Dolph1n

    Dolph1n VIP

    Hey steve. You were one of my favorite admins, right up there with Pandora and Womp. I respect why you left, and wish you good luck wherever you go.
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  8. Jesus christ, not you too..good luck elsewhere man. <3
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  9. Lone Wanderer

    Lone Wanderer The One and Only VIP

    Another one down.

    Thank you for the work you put into this community, Steve. I remember you back from my first term as a moderator back in summer of 2015. I was honestly a little surprised to see you in blue when I returned a few months ago. Not that I didn't think you were right for the position, just that I didn't expect to see you there.

    You helped me a lot during my current term as a moderator. You were there when I needed to ask questions, and when I needed to find ways to improve. You were helpful, approachable, and managed to do your job as an administrator while still holding onto that fun attitude people should have while playing a game.

    Know that I respect the decision you're making here. Hope things turn out well for you in life, gaming or otherwise, in the future. Continue to keep it real.
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  10. Graze

    Graze Smash that Motherf*in' Snooze Button. Admin VIP Silver

    Take care Steve. Please stay in touch. I can't stress that enough.
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  11. Yuuki

    Yuuki SGM Librarian Legendary

    Damn. Thank you for everything you done, Steve. Furthermore, thank you for training me when I was trial moderator and being there when I had questions that needed to be answered. It's a shame things have to end like this way.
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  12. XpropIayer

    XpropIayer Gold VIP

    U dont even tag me? </3 rip u goober
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  13. Mr. Disco

    Mr. Disco Jeff Lynne is a musical genius. VIP

    You were a good admin. And helped out a lot when I was playing.

    Thanks for yer service to the community. Best of luck elsewhere!
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  14. It was fun playing with you, hope to see you on the servers!
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  15. Rick

    Rick Running Out of Time VIP

    So much regret toward this.
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  16. Pacifist

    Pacifist that's pretty good Mod VIP+ Bronze

    Steve you were a good man. I'll send all the rest of this over steam because I can't put to words how I feel and I'm too tired to write anything right now.
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  17. Gonco

    Gonco white knight VIP

    i love you so much.
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  18. wink

    wink my time? your time. Mod VIP Emerald

    Man, I've seen you give your all for two communities now. Please continue to make the world a better place, whether it be another community or something else entirely.
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  19. aco taco

    aco taco oh no no no Mod Elite

    Love you bae
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