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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by uwu, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. uwu

    uwu Banned Silver

    Report or Appeal:
    Username of the reported player:
    Festive Fiona Fantasmo
    Explain the case:
    So, earlier this morning around 8:45 - 9:10am Eastern Standard time, me and a few others decided to have a little conversation about freedom of speech in america and other countries, It wasn't offensive or hostile and was for the most part a friendly conversation. Then out of what seemed to be nowhere Fiona decided to hop in the conversation, but not as another friendly member, she decided to immediatly personally attack me and deem my opinions wrong due to a viewpoint I have on immigration which she does not agree with, after stating that I really didn't care for her comment (no insults were thrown on my side at this point) she goes to personal attacks at my family, saying that I don't know anything, because my parents buy me everything, which is (1. Not true in the first place, 2. Completely out of line coming from a staff member, 3. Uncalled for in general due to the fact that I have said nothing rude towards her yet) I am still shocked that this is how a seasoned staff member acts when someone has an opinion they don't like , Now naturally this is where my report ends, but for the sake of transparency, I did make a small jab, back at her regarding something she told the sb last night about her parents. Should I have no retaliated? Probably not, but as people to people we all know that personal attacks, are not tolerated in the slightest IRL and should be treated the same online.

    I would also like to point out that forcie, who came in super late to the conversation, when it had blown over and said in front of everyone that I am on "thin ice" and should watch it and said that I was insulting staff members when that simply was not the case. Now obviously this is because some sort of staff bias which is to be expected, but I ask that you simply go back in the logs and the proof will be right there.

    I also have several eye witnesses aswell

    Carned, MiGGo, Adrian Sheephard, and Bravo all witnessed the full events transpire.

    I honestly wasn't going to take this to a staff report until forcie painted me out to be a bad guy publicly, and exposed a private conversation I had with another admin "Rick", without actually doing any digging beforehand.​
    Related Evidence:

  2. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

  3. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

    ahem ahem since im tagged here
    i actually saw forcie making supreme a bad guy for just having his opinion
    so he may put fire on conservation and instetigate him
    Thanks for listening to my review see ya next time
    i was tagged i have to post my opinion
    stop u admins looking for evidence to ban me
  4. 4sea

    4sea VIP

    I never made supreme the bad guy. I merely warned him not to insult players. Something he had been warned for yesterday quite extensively by multiple administrators and a lead administrator.

    As to today's scuffle in the shoutbox, I suggested Supreme to take a break or to change the subject after I noticed the back and forth between Supreme and Fiona after another moderator notified me.

    I also once more reiterated a warning, not to insult people back if he felt insulted, as he was already on his final warning from Opalium after his actions in the shoutbox yesterday:

    If you want the actual insults made, I did not screenshot those so I will have to wait on the shoutbox logs to update before I can add the actual insults that were made.

    Now supreme, If anything I have been lenient. If you are unsure why, I have made extensive screenshots of the warnings you received from multiple administrators and a lead admin yesterday. I have also quite a few screenshots of you harassing and insulting players.
  5. uwu

    uwu Banned Silver

    Why did you leave out the screenshots of you talking about the conversation with rick (which is no ones business) and the time where I'm asking you what I did?

    Also I can tell you the one "insult" made, it was "Don't be jealous of how my parents lived their lives, when yours were to lazy to provide a proper life for themselves" which was after her 2 comments, and that was the only insult i made.
  6. 4sea

    4sea VIP

    The conversation with rick is what happened publicly in the shoutbox yesterday. Where he, among other staff, talked to you about the behavior you were displaying at that moment.

  7. Zack

    Zack Shepherd of Fire VIP

    I've seen all this mess. I'll say my piece when @Festive Fiona Fantasmo has had time to prepare a response. It should be noted however, that I have already had a conversation about these events with my moderator prior to this report ever taking place. Thank you for your patience, d00d.
  8. uwu

    uwu Banned Silver

    No that’s not what you were referring too, I had conversation with opalium in the sb last night not rick and opalium did the exact same thing you did today. That wasnt a conversation, that was him talking me down, after confronting opalium, you literally said “the conversation you had with rick, you should know better” implying that we actually had a conversation, which in your screenshots isn’t happening.

    And also I've never Harassed anyone, I've only defended myself you are biased and its showing.
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  9. Scotty

    Scotty Heroes come and go, but legends are forever. VIP Bronze

    I will say my piece and let my admin @Rick conclude.

    1. I'm a dude so might wanna change that.

    I had said that half these people don't take you seriously when you say you believe that Trumps wall is a good idea at least here anyways. You then responded with something around the lines that half of America agrees with you. I then retorted with here at SGM you are in a small group. You then said the line above this paragraph which comes off to me as my parents were too lazy to provide for me and that it's their fault for it. I don't care what position I am in, I will retort to that and most likely be attacking you. My status on the forums will tell you what button you pushed.
    I never said I deemed you wrong cause of one viewpoint. I disagree with it at most and came aggressive but we all have our approaches. Also, when did I say that, at most I had said probably but I never said 100% yes that's what it is.
    If you have a screenshot of me saying this please I would love to see this.
    It wasn't just about my parents, so you aren't being completely transparent. Last night you had made a comment about it being easy to get out of the lower class which I was curious as to why that was. (Still never got that answer) @Python~ was in the SB at this time along with @Robokiller87 I had made the comment of that I had worked two jobs to keep my family on their feet so I didn't agree with your point. A few opinions were thrown and some comments were made, then I had asked how was it easy to get out of the lower class, you then retorted with something like I don't believe your sad story.
    Again how did I attack you? Really curious on this.

    ~Festive Fiona Fantasmo
  10. uwu

    uwu Banned Silver

    Oh my lord...

    Christmas Came Early This Year.

    1. You have you gender on your profile set to female and you have a picture of a female, so I'm gonna call you a female, but that's besides the point.

    2. You are an absolute liar, and I can't wait for the logs to show this, you were correct about everything besides you decided to completely leave out your comment towards my parents which caused me to defend myself against your disgusting comments, and you know what, I'm honestly a little pissed off that your sitting here playing the victim knowing full well your going to get away with. I don't feel bad for what I said in the slightest, you aren't going to talk about my family when you have not the slightest clue who I am. You don't like my opinion on immigration policy? Well guess what welcome to the real world, where people disagree, stop being a little baby about it and grow up I understand you spend all your time in your little GMOD bubble but, being a mod on a TTT server dosent make you special, you are a normal person you're not all of a sudden above other people and the way you act is disgusting . I will say it one more time so it dosen't get lost in my flurry of words, I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR FAMILY UNTIL YOU BROUGHT UP MINE, and my witnesses can attest to to that and the sb logs will surely shot it as well.

    3. You did, you, Python, Robo, and Christmas Spirit, have constantly harassed me for my opinions, by calling me racist, dumb, ignorant, transphobic, etc ,etc. You are once again a liar.

    4. Lie #3 In the conversation last night, I brought up how IN AMERICA it is extremely easy for MOST people to get out of the lower class, and then once again you, python and christmas were attacking me saying I was a rich boy and i can't have an opinion and I don't know anything because my parents did well for themselves (as im writing this I realize how fucking stupid this sounds, I feel like I'm in fucking middle school talking to the principal), and when she told her story, I NEVER said that she was lying, I was asked for proof and I provided this article - which proved what I was trying to say, so once again you are lying.

    5. You and your friends constantly harassed me and made personal attacks towards my family, making silver spoon jokes and telling me my opinion holds no weight.

    I expected way more out of a staff member on this server and I am truly disgusted.

    Also, Robo isn't a witness because Robo has had me blocked for 2 days now, and has made jokes about it sending screenshots of him not being able to see my messages so there is lie number 4 for you.

    And like I said I have credible witnesses minus Adrian for obvious reasons, to back up EXACTLY what I'm saying.
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  11. uwu

    uwu Banned Silver


    This is middle school, bush league, snake shit. Making a little post trying to play victim, you should be demoted honest to god.
  12. CorallocinB

    CorallocinB Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    Hi yes as I have the user reported and have been tagged surely the pictures of SB logs are enough however as someone who really wasnt partaking in the direct discussion about poverty and such I do not know much of what was said.

    HOWEVER, what I can attest to is whatever has been said by supreme was met by large prejudice and annoyance not only from me but from regulars and other staff active at the time. Everyone was highly questioning what his end game was with various aggressive comments so whatever happened with this poverty discussion on his side was not something I saw however it did follow the point of which I ignored his chat due to his aggressive uneducated and lack of any basis arguments to the point of trolling.

    So to reiterate: I am just speaking to say yes I felt his aggressiveness in SB when this was going on. Everyone was emulating concern and distraught with their comments since I was ignoring his. I felt the same when I was speaking to him before I ignored him. So his aggression is what I am pointing out. I am someone who felt it 1st hand and 3rd hand. It was a hectic time in SB because of him.

    Also since I unignored him for the sake of just responding to any comments he made about me. SB logs will show I've only called him likely dumb or stupid for supporting the wall of trump (just my opinion as it is his) and i followed it up with an ignore shortly after. I did not linger to continue any name calling or mud slinging I just moved on.
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  13. uwu

    uwu Banned Silver

    My points last night were never aggresive I was being met with aggression, one again more lies, but I expected nothing more from Robo, who has been following me around the forums since my first appearance with the ban appeal.

    Also here is my argument even tho you don't deserve it.

    There are 3 simple things to get out of poverty in America.

    Get married before you have babies.

    Finish High School.

    Get A Job.

    This was study conducted by the Brookings Institution which is a left leaning think tank, and that statistics show that of the people that followed these steps a mere 2% of americans were still in poverty after following this steps, while 75% have joined the middle class. My point was these are thing EVERYONE is capable of and I was being verbally assaulted for making this point.

    here is that article for reference:
  14. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP Silver Emerald

    Scotty did not harass you in any way, at least last night with the argument that you made that it was easy to get out of the lower class (which you gave no credible information about, so Scotty was asking why you felt that was the case)

    4. Last night, you said your parents were upper-middle class. So yes, we do know something about them. Our point, or at least mine, was that you can't claim it's easy to get out from below the poverty line when you've never been below the poverty line
    I poked fun when you said that you got to the middle-class without your parents help, even tho you were raised by your parents in an upper-middle class environment, and that's not a huge assumption to make
    Just reminded me of the infamous "small loan of a million dollars"
    Fiona wasn't lying when he said you haven't provided proof. Because you haven't. Your article details basic steps to get an education and not have unwanted pregnancies. That doesn't prove that it is easy to get out from below the poverty line

    5. Opinions aren't meant to hold weight. They're opinions. Facts put the thumb on the scale when it comes to debates like these. So no, saying your opinion holds no weight is not harassment, it's just a very obvious statement
    I never attacked your family. Yes, I lol'd at some of the things you were saying because they were completely misinformed, but it wasn't harassment

    I wouldn't try to play victim, like you're claiming that Scotty is doing, when you're the root of all of this and continuously stir the political pot.
  15. uwu

    uwu Banned Silver


    You haven't read the article clearly


    This is a STUDY showing STATISTICS backing up what i said, and to your weird awful point that since I'm doing well for myself that I'm not allowed to have an opinion on poverty is like saying I'm not allowed to talk on a certain culture because I'm not that culture, that is a stupid non argument and you 2 were using that to shut me down. Nothing I said was aggressive and I understand what an opinion is, but I was attempting to back up what I was saying with statistics and like I have said 20 times now I was being silenced.
  16. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    Alright. This isn't the place to continue a political discussion. We'll have access to the full logs later tonight and we'll look at everything at that time. For now, I'm going to lock this thread as it seems to have derailed away from the report. If you have any evidence pertaining to the report to provide, feel free to shoot an admin+ a message.

  17. Zack

    Zack Shepherd of Fire VIP

    Just a brief addition, I am keeping track of the conversation here. I will be reviewing the logs tonight and delivering a statement after I've examined all available evidence regarding this situation. Thanks for being patient. ~Rick
  18. Zack

    Zack Shepherd of Fire VIP

    Alright. I've reviewed the logs and, as I suspected it might have turned out, I can see where the conflict initially sparked.

    Dec 15, 2017 at 5:57 AM - @Festive Fiona Fantasmo: You call that bullshit, have you ever had to work at a job or pay a bill other than what mommy and daddy help you with? <--- This line, @Festive Fiona Fantasmo , is precisely what @Supreme. was referencing when he suggested you ignited the personal insults in regards to one's parentage. To be frank, this looks terrible on you, and by proxy, on me. While I am not excusing Supreme's behavior in the slightest, I must insist you choose better words if you're going to share your opinions with a user. I will have a more in depth conversation with you regarding this matter in private. Thank you for taking the time to report this matter more in-depth and helping us better shape our staff team, and have a lovely morning.

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