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    Since the summer is coming (maybe not all of you) but for those people who live in the or in north hemisphere, yes! so i could make a request about this.
    First Idea:
    We should get more beach maps and beach sound like music, like ''Hotel California'' since California has a lot beaches.
    Second Idea:
    We should get beach themed weapon skins or knife skins, for the coming next update which has the features on pts, like we could make a sea shell skin knife or sea shell weapon skin for some weapons (not all
    Third Idea: (stuff i want to be added)
    de_dolls ftb style
    Banana bomb
    ''Yeeeeet'' jihad
    weapon skins in pointshop are available
    Fire coated deagle
    Pigeon bomb
    Sea-Shell bomb
    Water taser
    and that's it

    List and idea's by the state of sgm, Texas.

    See you in summer! :)
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  2. tictac

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    Only thing hwre I agree with is hotel California
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  4. Teddywise the dancing clown

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    I'm a visual guy, can you show me soms links of the maps :pompus:
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  5. cadaverdues

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    You mean northern hemisphere right?
  6. we already have hotel california...unless it got removed....
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  7. KillaFluff

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    North Hemisphere *
  8. cadaverdues

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    Didnt notice lol. Thanks
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    WhAt YoU kNoW aBoUt CaLiFoRnIa... your name is Texas... im jk but good idea but i feel as though there are a lot of things already in the works. But if this can be implemented with all the other things going on here +1.
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  13. Titan

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    if yall want some beach music i got quite a lot of ideas. jimmy buffet, beach boys, first class...
  14. The Cuddle Team Leader

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    I fucked california ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  15. Hotel California is already an end round song...
  16. DorkWoof

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    i mean i havent heard it in a while

    but i dont remember the last time i played either...