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Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by sweaty_gus, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. Ok so, I've heard and seen a lot of players (including me) that get connection issues either by their ISP or Gmod itself, basically, my suggestion is to make it that once you do retry in console (or simply disconnect), you don't immediately disappear out of the game, but your player model would stand there with no one to control (like an NPC or something like that) and once you reconnect you gain control of said NPC instead of missing a match for a bad connection, this is especially annoying when you get Traitor and you get said issue, like really annoying.

    is this even possible to code and add to the game???
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  2. RyanHymenman

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    Is this just for TTT or would you like to see this put in deathrun too?
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  3. tz-

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    idk how well it would work but maybe try using a VPN, connect to it through the closest available server to you, or maybe even the closest to the server host that you want to join, and then try joining one of the gmod servers

    ive never personally tried this but i have heard people talking about it for other games
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  4. It would be pretty cool in both gamemodes

    have you ever tried playing with a VPN?, it blows!, the only ones that work for gaming are like 15$ upwards per month
  5. tz-

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    ok men sorry :(
  6. wow!, don't take it personally, didn't mean to offend you :^((
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    Is this just a sudden lag spike or something on your end? Otherwise, I've never seen this.
  9. waffle

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    Pretty sure its just a lag spike always happens to me usually multiple times every map. huge pain on high up parts.
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  10. waffle

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    You can tell when its that buy the little stutter step people do its a huge pain for me but just kills me a few times a day (y)
  11. What commonly happens with many players is that you don't reconnect, you just stay there for like the full 130 seconds forcing you to type reset in console
  12. Okay, I got an idea on how this could work, basically just leave the player model there and add and Away or AFK on the name of said player until he rejoins and gains control of his character again