Successful Detective Round Commentary | First video on my new channel | Sorry for poor sound quality

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by h0b0 b0z0, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. h0b0 b0z0

    h0b0 b0z0 VIP

    Hey guys, I love TTT so I decided to start getting into gameplay capturing and commentating on my TTT rounds. I really appreciate any and all feedback you guys can give me to this video, or the other videos on my channel.

    The sound quality is especially low on this one because I had a bunch of fans going in my room. Subscribe for more, please!! <3
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  2. Nice video. Would be good to have newbies watch this video before they start to play!~
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  3. Python~

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    Honestly it'd be much better if it was live instead of a commentary on a round

    You are funny. With a bit of editing and live gameplay commentary, I could see it being something I'd watch
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  4. h0b0 b0z0

    h0b0 b0z0 VIP

    Thank you :)

    Yeah, a big part of why I wanted to start making these videos was so more people would try out TTT and the people are new could get better
  5. h0b0 b0z0

    h0b0 b0z0 VIP

    Thank you! :) I haven't tried live commentating yet, but I probably will soon. The only concern I have is a drop in frame rates having my gameplay recording running and audio recording running, but it probably won't be very significant at all.