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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Python~, Jan 26, 2018.

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    Stupid point. If you have an admin that goes around and bans people for shits and giggles and its the first time that you hear about it, does it make it any less of an issue?

    Maybe you take your name too seriously. If you see something you dont like, you can call it out. It's not a fight, it's you raising your concerns.

    But but its the current year and things are going to change god damn it. Also just because Opalium is at the head doesn't mean shit. If you make dumb changes then you can expect people to resist. Also the idea that "You can either fight it or you can sit back and let it happen. Choice is yours pal!" is fucking stupid. Think about it like this. What if you lived in Germany and the chancellor decided that in the next couple years that they were to slowly but surely kill every single black person in the country. Now you as a reasonable German say "that's fucking retarded" and the chancellors says back "You can either fight it or you can sit back and let it happen. Choice is yours pal!". Just because change is happening doesn't make it better. Also is that a fair comparsion, not in the least, but its to show how the argument you presented is stupid and flawed.

    Or how about staff not have sticks up their ass?

    But guys its the current year!
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    I mean theres more than one way to look at it. Thats another one. I highly doubt staff are gonna change their mind much and suddenly pull a stick out of somewhere just because you ask nicely tho.
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    Honestly, this is a topic that needs to be talked about more than I think anyone gives it credit for.

    Honestly, a lot of the shit I see get deleted, or warned for, I just think "Seriously? Somebody please explain to me just what the hell is wrong with this post."

    Some of the things people get warned for nowadays are actually really fucking dumb, the admins need to stop being so banhappy over petty forum shit. Not even to mention the fact they do it without explanation why.

    Please, I'm absolutely begging at this point. Stop with this censorship bullshit, let some stuff go.

    Harassment is one thing, but most of the stuff that gets flagged doesn't even come close.

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