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Discussion in 'Donations' started by Claustrophobic, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Claustrophobic

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    So with the old "donator" system. If I purchased VIP+, when it ran out, I would default to just VIP since you had to have VIP in order to purchase VIP+. With the current store system, VIP+ is 10 a month, and you no longer need to buy VIP in order to purchase vip+. That means that when some people run out of VIP+, they revert to a non-donator status after their VIP+ expires. Shouldn't they revert to a donator status? Since donating 10 dollars a month is the same as a 10 dollar one time payment? I mean if i buy vip+ for 1 month, isn't that the same as buying permanent donator rank? Is the current store set up intentionally this way?

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  2. Drunk Dog

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    Looking at it backwards, then anyone who bought the supporter status would get 1 month of VIP+ for free, right? I don't like the logic when I look at it backwards, but what you're saying makes sense.
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  3. Claustrophobic

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    I think it makes more sense to get Donator ALONG with your puchase of VIP+ since vip+ is the higher tier rank. But getting vip+ with donator wouldn't, since VIP+ is a higher tier. good point though, just seems weird since buying donator and 1 month of vip are essentially the same
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    Buying donator, then VIP+ is a total of $20. If you only have $10 and you want the perm rank with lesser benefits then you buy it, if you want the temp rank with greater benefits, perhaps to take advantage of the pointshop discounts, you buy it instead. I was gonna write more but then realized I was just gonna repeat @Drunk Dog said.