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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Spud, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. Spud

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    Report or Appeal:
    Username of the reported player:
    Destiny Blade
    Explain the case:
    Well, since my appeal was locked without the chance for me to reply and I do not have access to the shoutbox, I am assuming this is also the correct forum to report incorrect staffing in the shoutbox? If not, feel free to move this topic to the correct forum of course.

    Ok, so Destiny Blade's response to my report is flat out incorrect and shows either a lack of care and attention or an eagerness to lie. Under his first evidence spoiler he shows two screenshots, claiming 'Both the times you mentioned it before I gave you your final warning to not do it again'. This can be seen here:

    This is incorrect, the second message was from just before I was banned and the message that lead to me being banned for 'Told to stop making references to the Jesus crucifiction'. I'm not sure why Destiny chose to make it appear that the messages were sent in a different order to that which they were actually sent, but it changes the context entirely. In the first message, I did not, as can be clearly seen, make a reference to 'the Jesus crucifiction'. I compared myself to Jesus, for which I was not warned. Destiny Blade then didn't provide evidence of him warning me for this as he claims he did, he provided this cropped and out of context screenshot from who knows when or where:
    He goes on to mention another deleted post which is unrelated to the actual ban reason as he put it; he banned me following my statement that I 'face crucifixion over my ethereal messiahness' - a statement he interpreted as a 'reference to the Jesus crucifiction' despite me making no mention of Jesus whatsoever (a mention which would, from the de facto rules and moderation of the shoutbox, not be grounds for punishment under any previously seen circumstance).

    So, so far we have gathered that Destiny Blade has
    1. Firstly, deleted a post because it compared myself to Jesus.
    2. Failed to properly warn me for it, despite the deletion being wrong in the first place as there is no precedent to indicate that an individual is not allowed to compare themselves to Jesus.
    3. Later banned me for stating that I face crucifixion (a common phrase meaning one is being wrongly persecuted) as he interpreted it to be a reference to Jesus which, once again despite not being against the rules, he considered grounds to ban me for.
    So it's clear that Destiny Blade has failed in his duties thus far, but the part that puzzles me still is why he chose to use his powers as an administrator to delete posts and ban users who make, what he considers, un-Christian remarks? Is it not unprofessional for an administrator to allow his personal beliefs and views cloud his judgement during his duty, and for them to censor and ban anybody who offends their delicate sensibilities no matter what the content is or whether it's actually rulebreaking? While Destiny Blade attempted to answer my previous appeal with his falsified and manufactured evidence that were, quite simply, lies, he failed to address my point regarding whether the ban was justified based on the content of what was said. Instead of actually addressing most of my appeal, he simply wrote 'Reference the spoilers above' even when the spoilers above did not pertain to the point he was supposedly responding to. As he was unable to address those points previously, I'll copy-paste them here so he may be able to see them incase he missed them the first time and hopefully address them this time round.

    "Previously a message of mine was deleted by DestinyBlade because it compared myself to Jesus - this seemed rather unprofessional as he was letting his personal beliefs get in the way of secular and equal moderating and choosing to ban people for offending his religious sensibilities or 'blasphemising' rather than for actual rule breaking. I have never previously seen anybody say that we're not allowed to compare ourselves to religious holy figures, and there's nothing to indicate that it wouldn't be allowed - on a server which usually gives such leeway for people to chat openly with some semblance of freedom of speech, it seems to conflict with common sense, in fact, to punish people for simply saying that their life experience is similar to that of Jesus Christ when offence to such a statement would be wholly at the choice of the offended. Deleting somebody's message because you don't like it is simply an abuse of power."

    "when I requested a screenshot or copy of the deleted messages from DestinyBlade I was refused despite him saying he had it, thereby hindering me from reporting the issue or using it as evidence here even. Regardless, I was not told to stop making references to the Jesus crucifixion, at most it could be said that it DestinyBlade showed a dislike for comparisons of one's person to that of Jesus Christ."

    "Thirdly, although I can no longer see my statement, I am not sure where it specifically referred to Jesus other than mention of crucifixion - a common punishment for those persecuted in Roman times with a tenuous link to Jesus made not by myself but by DestinyBlade, once again reflecting his religiousity rather than his professionalism."
    The gist of this report is, Destiny Blade has acted in an unprofessional manner and abused his powers as an admin to wrongfully delete messages and ban a user simply due to his religious devotion rather than acting in his role as an unbiased, impartial and neutral arbitrator of justice. Not only has he acted for the incorrect reasons (which I hope he will not try to retroactively change now that he has already stated as a fact that the ban reason was to do with the mention of Jesus' crucifixion and since the ban followed a message wherein that was the only content that he may have found objectionable) but he has also then been unable to explain his reasons for acting in such a way, not addressed the points of the appeal made to discover such reasons, lied in his response to the appeal with falsified evidence, refused to supply screenshots of the deleted messages so I could use them in a report against him and has seemingly taken it upon himself to enforce rules which don't actually exist but happen to coincide with his own beliefs. I would appreciate all of these points being addressed but at the very least I would hope the issue of banning users who reference Jesus, even in a non negative fashion, with regards to themselves is addressed.

    Thank you.​
    Related Evidence:
    Evidence supplied above within the text of the main post. As an afternote, I think it important to address that regardless of religious views one should not take a comparison to Jesus as offensive but, rather, truly upholding Christian values and the belief that God lives within us all. To take offense to such would be questioning the very word of the Lord himself.

    1 Corinthians 3:16; Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?

    Peace and love to you all.​
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    Did you even bother reading the report? The report is literally about how that evidence is falsified, misleading and contains outright lies, not to mention that you still haven't explained what the bannable offence committed was. It'd be nice if you actually read the topic you were replying to, which is actually a report on yourself, and addressed the points mentioned for once. Unless you have no actual rebuttal to them, I don't see why it would be a problem for you to explain your actions as an admin?
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    I did and felt that I needed to add nothing. I told you to stop with the Jesus reference (nice picture and status and evidence at the bottom btw) and you continued on to do so. Also, the screenshots are in order. Its only a day ban and you would've been unbanned, but depending on the verdict of this report, I will extend this ban to a week. Locking this up til @DieKasta can respond.
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    Spud, all you do in this community is troll. This situation is just another example of you doing so. Maybe if you didn't have an extensive history of breaking/bending the rules at every opportunity we would possibly show some leniency here, but sadly that's not the case.

    Report: Invalid.
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