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Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by Spud, Sep 11, 2017.

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    While I'm sure we'll all agree this is getting tedious, I'd like to appeal my current ban. This is a seperate appeal to the one made yesterday.

    I was banned yesterday for an issue I appealed and later reported the administrator for - the reason being 'Told to stop making references to the Jesus crucifiction' and one that I argued and continue to argue was invalid grounds for a shoutbox ban, especially considering it didn't actually even happen and the administrator could not even provide evidence to show otherwise, apart from falsified evidence he has lied about.

    I was then unbanned today at some point, and have been using the shoutbox throughout the day sporadically. Approximately 15 minutes ago at the time of writing, I was banned from the shoutbox for a week out of the blue despite having not sent a message for approximately 10 minutes, my first one for hours, and that one being completely innocuous and unrelated to the ban as seen in the ban reason.

    The reason I'm appealing this ban is I believe myself to have done nothing to warrant it, an idea I believe to be reinforced by the ban's reason itself:

    "You have been banned from the shoutbox for the following reason: Told to stop making references to the Jesus crucifiction + Report
    Your ban will be lifted on Sep 17, 2017."
    As can be seen in that exact quote, the reason for this ban is actually '+ Report' since the original ban had already happened and was expired; bearing that in mind, I was banned from the shoutbox not for any wrongdoing in the shoutbox but due to my report on Destiny Blade over his original ban against me which I believe to be invalid.

    Essentially; Destiny Blade has banned me further from using the shoutbox for occurrences outside of shoutbox, none of which are rule breaking. While I was originally arguing that he was abusing his power as an administrator, this just further goes to illustrate my point. Destiny Blade has banned me, despite no wrongdoing on my behalf at the time of the ban, simply as an act of revenge due to me having reported him for his previous actions. I would hope it's clear to anyone that this is not a professional or respectable way to moderate; rather than enforcing the rules and keeping the server running smoothly, silencing any criticism and hiding your wrongdoings by banning the player's who point it out. That's more akin to the behaviour of a fascist dictator than than an impartial and fair administrator.

    The entire point of the report system is to give players a venue to report wrongdoing by not only other players but staff themselves. When staff then punish players who report them it creates a climate of fear wherein players feel they are not able to report such wrongdoing in the future lest they then be punished for having done so. If such behaviour is allowed it will arguably lead to further abuse when the offending administrators feel a sense of invincibility as they not only get away with their initial misconduct but manage to prevent future misconduct from being reported on by silencing and threatening players who might do so. It also allows for petty retaliation over reports, the likes of which should not be seen from players who are supposed to not only represent the server in as good of a light as possible with their conduct but also act professionally and objectively in doing so. For a player to act vengefully and spitefully towards another player who has reported them would be bad. An administrator doing so is unacceptable and disgraceful.​
    Related Evidence:
    You have been banned from the shoutbox for the following reason: Told to stop making references to the Jesus crucifiction + Report
    Your ban will be lifted on Sep 17, 2017. - the ban in question occuring in the shoutbox and Destiny Blade admitting immediately afterwards that the reason was because of the report. - Destiny's response in the original report stating his intention to further ban me as revenge for me reporting him.​
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    It was not for revenge it was due to your behavior and the way you acted about it and handled yourself with the whole Jesus act. As I stated in the original report that you made against me in the SB Report/Appeal section I said I would extend it to a week based on the report verdict. The ban had expired and didn't extend it as the report was not settled. With the report verdict being invalid I extended it.

    Appeal: Denied
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