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    probably going to be one of the only speedrunners in this community, but here are some games i speedrun and pb's.
    Super mario 64 16 star speedrun: 2 hours 33 minutes 43 second [i suck]
    Super mario world 0 exit: 5 minutes 3 seconds [hard setup]
    super mario 3d land any percent: top 3 times but capture card stupid and didnt record final 3 stages
    kirby battle royal demo story [not on speedrun.com yet]: 4 minutes and 36 seconds

    post times better then mine because im bad at videogames.
  2. can`t say i can beat those time but i am curious how many hours goes into getting times like that
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    Been debating on getting into Speed Running.

    There are some games I plan on running at some point once I finish learning strats:
    Bomberman Hero
    Shantae Series
    DKC Series
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    the sm64 was just me being bad at my first run that i never plan to do again, the smw was just learning the shell manip and actuzlly not fucking it up, the super mario 3d land took a lot of time to do because there arent really any strats other then warpzones and being good, and the kirby one is just air slash and down b
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    for a while i was 100th in the world for speed running metropolis on Legendary in the MCC does that count?
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    I soeed run halflife 1 ,
    Hell i wasted 10 hours or more to get the juicy 3.12mn hazard course speedrun
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