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    probably going to be one of the only speedrunners in this community, but here are some games i speedrun and pb's.
    Super mario 64 16 star speedrun: 2 hours 33 minutes 43 second [i suck]
    Super mario world 0 exit: 5 minutes 3 seconds [hard setup]
    super mario 3d land any percent: top 3 times but capture card stupid and didnt record final 3 stages
    kirby battle royal demo story [not on speedrun.com yet]: 4 minutes and 36 seconds

    post times better then mine because im bad at videogames.

    Edit: @twitch.tv/echostorm2k ⚔️ got the idea to do races in the speedrunning discord.

    Rather than making a new thread for this I'm gonna use this one, since it's about speedrunning anyway: I was thinking that biweekly or monthly we could host a speedrunning race where we release the game and category about a week or two before the race, and then obviously race it. For example, if the game was Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom, I could say that two weeks before the date of the race, and then everyone racing would have 2 weeks to prepare for that speedrun. Every speedrun would be:
    • Possible to do on a PC - it'd either be a windows game or possible to run on an emulator.
    • Either free or very cheap to buy the game.
    • Relatively short - a few hours at most.

    We'd all be in a voice chat in Discord just doing it for the memes, maybe some of us could speedrun it to, and recording then submitting it is optional of course. I think it'd be great fun - you would not need any experience in speedrunning whatsoever - the only goal is that you beat the game, and fastest person wins. Doesn't necessarily mean you have to use speedrun strats.

    Tag me in the #Speedrunning channel in SGM Discord if you're interested. If we get 5 ish people interested, we can start doing this biweekly. -echo
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  2. can`t say i can beat those time but i am curious how many hours goes into getting times like that
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  3. Ashes Relandi

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    Been debating on getting into Speed Running.

    There are some games I plan on running at some point once I finish learning strats:
    Bomberman Hero
    Shantae Series
    DKC Series
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  4. Spooky Adult

    Spooky Adult Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    the sm64 was just me being bad at my first run that i never plan to do again, the smw was just learning the shell manip and actuzlly not fucking it up, the super mario 3d land took a lot of time to do because there arent really any strats other then warpzones and being good, and the kirby one is just air slash and down b
  5. Spitefulvenom

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    for a while i was 100th in the world for speed running metropolis on Legendary in the MCC does that count?
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  7. Spooky Adult

    Spooky Adult Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

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  8. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

    I soeed run halflife 1 ,
    Hell i wasted 10 hours or more to get the juicy 3.12mn hazard course speedrun
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  9. Lordyhgm

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  10. Kythol

    Kythol FOR YOU DARLING Elite

    look at signature
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  11. twitch.tv/echostorm2k ⚔️

    twitch.tv/echostorm2k ⚔️ screwdriver VIP Silver

    Speedruns I've done in the past:
    Hazard Course: 5:37, trash run, 5th place

    Anomalous Materials: 6:23, trash run, 3rd place

    Unforeseen Consequences: 4:01, decent run, WR

    Office Complex: 3:52, decent run, WR

    "We've Got Hostiles": 10 seconds, pretty bad, 2nd place

    Power Up: 12 seconds, god awful, 7th place

    On A Rail: 10:27, decent, WR

    Apprehension: 4:55, decent, WR

    Residue Processing: 3:10, actually good run, WR

    Questionable Ethics: 5:34, good run WR

    Surface Tension: 13:14, fucking horrible run, WR

    "Forget About Freeman!" 3:33, trash run, 3rd place

    Lambda Core: 11:54, horrifically bad, 2nd place

    Xen: 0:37, terrible, 2nd place

    Gonarch's Lair: 1:19, terrible, 2nd place

    Interloper: 4:40, terrible, WR - I'd like to say here that with the strats at the time (2 years ago ish) this was almost perfect. I was shaking after I completed it.

    Nihilanth: This is the worst run here, 1:53, WR

    Full Game: 42:xx - I wiped my YouTube a while ago, including the video of the run, and since it was WR they deleted it from speedrun.com. It was a bad run anyway. WR now is 34:01

    I routed this entire game myself.
    Any%: 1:04:50, 2nd place, could easily get WR but I don't want to do another run anytime soon.

    100%: 2:01:40, not submitted, it can easily but sub 2 hours but again, cba to do another run

    Trevor%: 1:03:15, pretty bad, 20th place

    Classic%: 6:54:20, not submitted, 17th place

    Masks 100% IL for the memes: 4 seconds, WR

    I've also done a bunch of other IL speedruns on stream when I'm bored, I don't like to submit ILs though.

    Any%: 1:55:42, not submitted, 7th place

    100%: 6:54:23, not submitted, 3rd place, was my first ever run

    Los Santos% (it's in category extensions but many people run it): 1:14:50, 18th place by 1 second

    I forgot about this game because I ran it for less than a week.
    All Story Missions: 1:40:47, not submitted, 57th place, as I said I ran it <1 week.
    EDIT: Total amount of runs - 27+

    As you might guess, I run GTA games. I have over 1500 hours in them collectively. My main game was GTA V, I have over 1000 hours in it and have never played GTA online. I set a challenge for myself to learn the 100% runs of every GTA game before I go back to school in September, I'm learning them against the following rough schedule:
    April 24th - May 8th
    WR - 5:21:07. Estimate - 5:40:xx

    May 9th - May 23rd
    WR - 4:08:23. Estimate - 4:40:xx

    May 24th - June 7th
    WR - 9:57:47. Estimate - 11:50:xx (For IV, V, and especially SA I don't actually think I'll be able to learn every single mission or collectible in the 2 weeks, so they'll be pretty far off WR lol. The others are short so I should be good)

    June 8th - June 22nd
    WR - 4:31:49. Estimate - 5:40:xx

    June 23rd - July 7th
    WR - 12:22:25. Estimate - 14:40:xx

    July 8th - July 22nd
    WR - 4:31:38. Estimate - 5:40:xx

    July 22nd - August 5th
    WR - 9:49:44. Estimate - 10:40:xx

    I've added in the world record times for each run, and the estimate times I can get with only 2 weeks of learning + practice in the spoiler. The hardest part of this challenge is that I don't even know the any% route for any game except GTA V and GTA TBoGT, so every single thing will be new to me. Usually when learning 100%, people already know any% and for them it is just a jump from doing all missions to doing all missions, plus a few collectibles and side missions. For me it is a giant leap into the deep end of learning every single thing at once. I think this will be almost impossible for SA, as the WR is over 12 hours. My first run will probably be around 20 hours or something, lol.

    But regardless, those are the runs I'll be doing until early August. I'll then have almost a month before I go back to school, so I might go back to a 100% game like TBoGT (if I grind that for more than the 2 weeks I can definitely get WR, WR is pretty bad but gets really good RNG) or I might do an any% run of something. I don't know yet. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Anyway, if you wanna watch me learn and do these runs, I'll be streaming the whole process on my Twitch - https://twitch.tv/echostorm2k . I promise this wasn't just a big ploy to advertise my Twitch, I genuinely do love talking about speedrunning lol.
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  12. AndrewB

    AndrewB VIP

    Speed Run of Spider-Man PS4: 1 week
    Grand theft auto 5 single player: 1 week
    Speed run of “The Office” Netflix show: 1 week
    Never was there a time where I didn’t finish a single player game in less than 1 week.
  13. Aegis

    Aegis Nietzsche is my dad. Moderator VIP

    Back when the world record was 54:10 I used to have a decent 58:32 PB on Outlast.
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  14. twitch.tv/echostorm2k ⚔️

    twitch.tv/echostorm2k ⚔️ screwdriver VIP Silver

    What category did you run and what time in it?
  15. Moleman

    Moleman Dr. Pepper Enthusiast Moderator VIP

    There arent any listed speedruns for Assassins Creed: Altairs Chronicles so technically speaking I hold the world record (now I just need to record it)

    Edit: actually, there is a sub-hour TAS on the speedrun subreddit
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  16. Spooky Adult

    Spooky Adult Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    Idk if this counts but I'm 2nd place in South Park the Dr map, and 3rd on deluxe beta. (See discord deathrun section)
  17. AndrewB

    AndrewB VIP

    I finished the whole thing. So I guess I just went non-stop and at the end I killed Trevor.
  18. 8BitF0x

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    I would love to see you try this again.
  19. Dodley27

    Dodley27 Dolfin VIP Bronze

    I would love to see you try this again.
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  20. Spooky Adult

    Spooky Adult Now you just somebody that I used to know VIP Silver

    Imagine accidentally making 2 posts amiright
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