Some map suggestions (POLL: VOTE YOUR FAVS)

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What 3 maps do you like most? (couldnt add the b5 rework, oh well)

  1. Island

  2. Desert

  3. Pier

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  4. Frozen

  5. Minecraft city night

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  6. Rooftops

  7. Waterworld

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  8. Mansion

  9. Snowden

  10. Teenroom

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  1. Scarwolf

    Scarwolf Active Member

    Sup. Ill be putting some options in here, most if not all ive played before so yeah i can confirm these are good.

    mc island, bit big but good

    Desert. really good, and a classic for me.

    Pier. also a pretty good one.

    Frozen. Big but good.

    MC city night version. i like it a lot and has decent visibility, and its nice to change the good old same old.

    Rooftops. we all know this one. didnt know there was a mc. version

    Water world. Another straight classic. think this planetminecraft is a gmod map if not well look into workshop.

    Mansion. Another really good one. quite big.

    Snowden. First one i actually havent played, but looking at it its looks really high quality.

    a b5 rework with some new features>

    teen room. god this is such a classic. mc version.

    Ill update this with more as i see fit.
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  2. [MZK]Lightning

    [MZK]Lightning I've Been ... Thunderstruck!!! VIP Silver

    My opinions:

    Frozen and Island: I've never played on either of these maps, so neutral.

    MC City Dark: This map already exists in the server's files, and is (AFAIK) only used during the Halloween event. (Please correct me if I'm wrong here, SGM Veterans)

    Desert: I freaking love this map. Played it extensively while at the now defunct Skyz Gaming. However, the map has a button that can give 1 Traitor 3 credits every minute IIRC, which could lead to gameplay balance issues. +1

    Pier: I loved this map as well, but not as much as Desert. However on Skyz this map ran into a game-breaking problem. This problem was that when it was selected in the mapvote, the server would crash. Now the SGM community uses a different mapvote system, so this might not be an issue here. I'd just run this map on a test server before implementing it here. +1 if it can be properly implemented.
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  3. Scarwolf

    Scarwolf Active Member

    Thanks for the imput! if anyone has had any experience on TTT these maps are known territory. perhaps i could poll to take out the top 3...
  4. food

    food VIP

    Island: Yes
    Desert: It looks OK, I haven't played it.
    Pier: No, too small
    Frozen: I like this map but I think it might be too open for TTT.
    City: I'm not a big fan of this one, because it's harder to see things than the original map, and do we need both?
    Rooftops: Someone already made a thread on this. But yes, rooftops is one of my favorite maps.
    Waterworld: Yes.
    Mansion: Yes.
    Snowden: I think I played this map ONCE, it's been awhile. I'm neutral.
    B5: This looks cool, but the point of vanilla is to keep things simple. I hate to be that guy, but I can't see this replacing the original version.
    Teen room: Yes.

    Also, it's probably better to post these maps in individual threads, as opposed to all of them here.
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  5. LBPotatoes

    LBPotatoes That’s so crunchy VIP

    Desert amazing. Island is a bit eh just because of size. Mansion is eh too but might be better if it got changed to where you can just spawn anywhere and not just outside (also there’s a secret healing spot in it that might be broken af). Pier I loved but might be a little too small for a big server. The new B5 is shit. I never liked it, and the boats you can ride are just broken to where you can’t move and can only die. The rest never played
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  6. Scarwolf

    Scarwolf Active Member

    Thanks yall. These are various suggestions obviously and i think i like them all in one place. I'll see if i can insert a poll so we can vote on the maps we like most, and maybe playtest them or something. I dont expect all of them to get accepted anyway, and it has been years since i played most of them, so if they have broken features i get it.
  7. Some of those map have very weird lighting and you do know that the planetminecraft maps are Minecraft maps for Minecraft and not TTT.
  8. mc_island is too small and weird
    I do not like the b5 remake (also has weird shadows)
    mc desert is also too small and looks ugly
    pier is even smaller and has texture issues underwater
    mc snowden seems like a +1 for me (have not tried the traps or anything yet)
    Minecraftcity Dark is also a +1 (anyone that says its too dark shut up, it's not)
    mc teenroom has certain hallways missing from the original (thats normal for Lesh maps since they often seem mid or low quality to me)
    mc frozen is a good map himself but the map is not playable due to lag and the map creator seems to have made some errors or weird things while creating this map
    mc mansion the skybox gives you motion sickness, the map is too small and the lighting is not good
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