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  1. Silly

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    If you're on death run and theres no other players give people the option to change the map so they can explore and have a little bit of fun if they're waiting for people
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  2. Paradox

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    +1 cus this was made for me <3
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  3. Scorch

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    if theres no players cant you rtv and suicide to get the vote screen :cautious:
  4. Paradox

    Paradox The One Eyed Ghoul Banned Elite

    yes, but it makes u wait till round end and guess how u can end the round... suicide doesn't work :p
  5. Scorch

    Scorch ㄣ⃒ Silver

    interesting. fair enough i suppose
  6. Elvis

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    I agree with this. There was a time I requested Nathan hop on to force a map change because I knew the map wouldn’t attract any population.

    I’ll see what can be done!
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  8. Coinston

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    +1 cause mods pop even if it's full