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  1. Hear me out, I know we have Venom, but diehard MGS fans like myself find this rather disappointing because he's the fake Big Boss. If any MGS character should be included, it should be the OG Solid Snake.

    MGS2 Solid Snake:

    We can even use his older counterpart..

    MGS4 Old Snake:

    I would definitely prefer the MGS2 version. I also would be perfectly fine if you ditched the Venom Snake skin.
  2. +1 but I want to correct that Venom is not fake big boss

    John (Naked snake) himself said they both equally hold the title
  3. He is not the real Big Boss, end of story. Don't try to correct me with MGS Knowledge son, you will lose.

    Big Boss' transformation into a villain means that he was willing to say what people wanted to hear to manipulate the medic into dying for him if need be.
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    I personally don’t care for the fact it’s metal gear mostly cause I DON’t care for the games but meh ok models neutral
  5. You’re not correct about that
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