Skins after vip + is gone

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  1. So, i was wondering because i see some people who were mods with donor skins, that if you are vip+ and you lose it but have a vip+ skin equipped will it unequip by itself? or stay forever just a question out of curiosity ;).
  2. btw the mods that have the donor skins don't have mod anymore or any donor status.
  3. ZeRo

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    If you're no longer VIP+, but have a VIP+ skin equipped, then the skin will be stuck on you forever unless you decide to switch skins. Then you can't access VIP+ skin anymore until you get VIP+ again.

    Not so sure about the donor status thing for former moderators though since I've been a VIP for a long long time. However, if you have a skin equipped from a higher ranked status, then it stays on you. It will never be unequipped.
  4. DocFox

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    This is correct. I remember when I first went from VIP+ to VIP. I had my dark Spiderman skin equipped until I switched to a new Payday skin; I couldn't go back to dark Spiderman even though I owned it in the point shop. I assume this is the same for the staff members that resign/are demoted with the skin equipped.
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    This is a hit or miss with the system. Sometimes it catches on and unequips the model/jihad sound but sometimes it doesn't and it stays on.
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    So if you still have it. Flaunt it
  7. k just wondering

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