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    You were a good mod
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  2. Savage-nyan

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    I know i was thanks
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  3. Noctorious

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    You're welcome
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  4. Kaggmaster

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    welcome back chief. timing's not right though. :oops:
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  5. Darktooth

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    Very sad to see. This community was a big part of my life a few years ago, and it's super sad to see it coming to an eventual close. Won't ever forget the memories made in this community.
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  6. Drunk Dog

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    awww we all love u DT, hope u doin' well
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  7. goodnight sgm
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  8. MikeOTR

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    I haven't played in a while (almost a year) and that's just depressing. I've always loved this server, I met some of the best people here. So long SGM
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  9. I never killed Jassa once :(
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  10. Ronnie

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    I've asked @Bobby Ross what he thought about this, and here it is.
    bobby ross.PNG
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  11. Panda With a Gun

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  12. Man, I am late to making this post. Busy work hit hard, but I still want to say a few words.

    This was an amazing time here, an amazing project, rising far above the other contenders in this field, and I truly had a good time here and took good things away from the time I spent here. Throughout the "gaming years" of my youth, I enjoyed the time I spent on SGM the most, more than any other games out there you could spend big money on. The $20 spend on VIP here was the best money I ever spent on a video game.

    Now is the time to give thanks. I want to thank the owners for the huge investment of time and resources they put into making this community which offered so much to its members. I want to thank the rest of the staff for all the hours of hard work that each generation of them put into keep this place orderly and running well. And I lastly want to thank the broader community for creating the environment that made the time spent here so enjoyable, memorable, and worthwhile. The reason this game was so much more enjoyable than those with fancier looks and features wasn't because of the game itself, which by today's standards is archaic. The reason it was so great was because of the community aspect, and, for me and many others, this community in particular. I played TTT on other servers on a few occasions and the draw simply was not there. It was what we shared here that made this the memorable experience.

    I think it is a great testament to the this value that the community had that I, and I know others did as well, came to enjoy the time we spent simply here on the forums more than time in-game. Long after time commitments and a greater loss of interest in playing the game lead me not to be on the servers much anymore, I still regularly checked in to see what was going on here and chat, and I still enjoyed that immensely.

    So, thank you all. I made friends here, I made enemies here. And I am humbled and proud at the same time to say that, even though there undoubtedly were more productive ways I could have spent my time, I believe I took some real and meaningful lessons away that have made me a better person in the real world. And I know this is thanks to the good people here, some of whom came to mean a lot to me. In the same manner, I hope I was able to be a helpful presence to others here, even though I had major differences with many. Again, thank you.

    It seems silly to be doing this, writing eulogies to a dying video game community, but, once again, I think this one meant something and accomplished great things. I've made some great memories, met some great people, and am confident I got some lasting good out of the time I otherwise "wasted" here. And once again, thank you. It was the people who made this happen. Maybe we'll come together somewhere new, maybe not. What is certain, nothing will be the same, and I feel nothing will rise as high as this did.

    God Bless!

    (All credits in description of video if you follow it to Youtube. I edited the song to end before the obscene and weird bit started. This half is pretty good.)

    He speaks! It really is kind of a bummer, you never really showed up on the forums but to appeal you numerous hefty bans, man! Not really the time and place for a bunch of shoutouts, but I do want to give a special word to, @Sweer , @Fortune Cookie , and @rob the sasquatch (come on, man :( ). We had a good run, a downright riotous time together, here in the period of late 2017 through early 2018, even though they say that was the beginning of the end. Gotta say I had more fun with you guys than playing with anyone else across anything on Steam; thanks for the laughs. I'll try to be present a little more throughout this sunset year, maybe we can make a have a few more together, and it would be a blast if we could be together on the last day and to go out with a final bang!
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  13. Serpentine

    Serpentine snek VIP

    Lmao i came back here from a video Python made about this. Honestly our friendship is the main thing I'll take from SGM. It was fun guys
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  14. nigel benn

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    gg ez
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  15. Ravin

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    Background copying thief.
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  16. Thanks for the fun times SGM. =)
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  17. Renko

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    Glad to know that sir, have a good day.
  18. Togo

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    This place had a good run. Honestly, I enjoyed interacting and playing on the servers more times than not. As much shit and trolling I did I like this place a lot as a server and a community. I had so many good memories here and it's sad to see it have to be shut down. Some good things must come to an end I guess.
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  19. Im going to miss you and this place Togo <3
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  20. Togo

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    I'll miss you too :kiss:
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