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Discussion in 'General Suggestions' started by Hongo, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. Hongo

    Hongo VIP+

    @Snowy Cowcakes❄

    Is that your default text color due to your rank though or did you change the color manually?

    I'm talking about the default text color to normal users, which is black.
  2. Snowy Cowcakes❄

    Snowy Cowcakes❄ Platinum VIP

    Rank doesn't affect any colour but the username, everyone starts off with white regardless of rank. Only colour I've changed is what colour my messages are and the preview changed with it
  3. Sticky Bandit

    Sticky Bandit The One and Only Moderator VIP+

    Ok, I've done some testing. This is what it looks like by default, when you change no colors


    And here's what it looks like when I change my shoutbox color to white.


    And that's a problem. New users who haven't changed their color should be able to see what they're typing without having to change colors. At least it's been fixed for me now, and I won't have to always use Discord to type into the shoutbox.
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  4. Hongo

    Hongo VIP+

    @Sticky Bandit

    Yeh thats exactly what im saying, by default it's goddamn impossible to see that.
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  5. Teroxa

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    Alright now that we've finally figured out what this suggestion is, I see what you mean.
    Yes, default color should definitely be more easily readable and therefore user friendly.

    I guess this should probably be a relatively easy fix.
    But it's something we need the red man for. I'll see what we can do.
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  6. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

    Its based on whatever color you have set, if you have an invalid color set it does black. Change the default from black sure, but in the meantime all you black text folks need to set your color.
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  7. Zuko

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  8. Timo654

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    then why even post
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