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Approved .shirt's Appeal

Discussion in 'Shoutbox Ban Appeals' started by .shirt, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    Explain the case:
    I was banned last night for posting a "porn link" Although the link was broken and never went to a porn site i was banned for it.

    I used the hyperlink tool in sb to spoof a thing so people could click on it.

    in this case the link was yahoo and the hyperlink text was supposed to say porn, but i put them in the wrong order and the hyperlink text said yahoo.com and the url was literally just the word porn. And the link was broken nonetheless.​
    Related Evidence:
    I didnt ss it but i have witnesses who clicked on the link.​
  2. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

  3. Daddy Nexxus

    Daddy Nexxus Toxi-Fessional VIP

    Witness, there were no porn links. I don't really care what some "program" says. I clicked each link and none of them lead to any mischievousness.
  4. Agent A

    Agent A Veni, vidi, vici VIP Silver Emerald

    I already presented the evidence to the leads as well as to you.
    I talked with @Graze .
    If they deemed it invalid, they would've stated such.
    We agree to show some leniency and unban you from the forums while the warning will remain active.
    I also already reduced your sb ban to a week once Graze and I agree to unban you from the forums.

    However, I will talk to Graze one more time and see whether we will unban you from the sb or not, but the warning stays (as per our conclusion).
  5. Ereptile Dysfunction

    Ereptile Dysfunction The FuckBoi of STTT MVP

    I was just fucking with Agent. Agent probably deleted it as soon as he found out what it was to stop it from spreading

    EDIT: LOOL gj
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  6. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    So it differs depending on what browsers you use. I wasn't aware itd open anything since it was broken for me.
  7. Agent A

    Agent A Veni, vidi, vici VIP Silver Emerald

    I'm going to show you a bit more leniency.
    I will unban you.
    However, if you get banned again, that leniency will highly not be considered.
    Thus, please consider this as a warning to clean up and try to not break the rules whether you are intentionally aware of such or not.
    In other words, please do not take my leniency for granted. This will be considered my unofficial warning to you.

    Again, the forum warning that I gave you will be not be revoked.
    Thus, the next offense will most likely net you your third active, which will result in a 2 weeks ban.
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