Important SGM Transition

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Highwon, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. stevenisjusthere

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    the ghost steal my mony he punched me in the face :(
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  2. CorallocinB

    CorallocinB Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    I'd be remiss if I didn't make any kind of post given literally everything I've said in the past.

    All I can say is this is for the best. Extremely favorable outcome for the active community at large for whatever is left of it. GG
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  3. Lady Cloudia

    Lady Cloudia VIP Silver

    Well, I was once a terrible person before 2018. I'm better now and I'm different because of that fact.
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  4. roy

    roy is MOST DEFINITELY a ship VIP Silver

    Is there any plan to keep any part of SGM up beyond the forums? If not, it seems odd to have those remain, surely with most members moving to the new community things here will die quickly. Seems more logical to transfer SGM to new ownership and continue from there, though I guess there’s probably some pride there that keeps the big man from letting go and letting someone else take over.
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  5. Pokeben10

    Pokeben10 tell me pretty lies Moderator VIP Silver

    I believe it was more a matter of cost; it's simply cheaper for us to start a new community than it is for us to buy SGM outright. The forums (and maybe the discord) will eventually be put into read only mode to "preserve" SGM, sort of like a museum. Highwon might do something else, though, not sure:

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  6. RhazhBash

    RhazhBash Professional Button Presser VIP

    SGM is gonna get the ending it deserves. Highwon is retiring, he's gonna pass the torch to someone who can carry on his legacy, and the community is gonna stick together under new leadership.

    I first joined in October 2013 when I stumbled upon east in the server browser. I had never seen a server with frag grenades or the M9K skins before, and those alone made me wanna keep playing STTT. As I kept playing I saw that the donator perks were fair for my budget, and the community was the most well managed I had seen up to that point. It became my new home, and I joined the forums shortly after.

    On new years day 2014 after getting a mass RDM ban for planting a c4 as an inno I applied for mod. Looking back on it I wouldn't have accepted myself if I were an admin back then, but Killamarshall gave me the chance no other admin would and I knew I couldn't let him down. Since then I made sure that whenever I wanted to play gmod regularly I would give back to the community as a staff member.

    Highwon don't let the past few years bring you down. The foundation you built for SGM back in 2013 is what kept it going for so long. You saw firsthand how not to run a server then made your own server to show some white boy who's boss. You kept your staff organized, didn't play favorites, took care of misconduct swiftly, and kept a lot of power in the hands of a few exceptional staff instead of giving all staff the potential to abuse it. Everyone knows the stereotypes of server owners breaking their own rules and giving free passes to their friends, and I'm glad you were able to keep your staff so well controlled with little involvement.

    Jabba you might be the best lead admin the server ever had. You're not the most popular, but the amount of time you've put into the community shows. I've seen people get promoted to lead then vanish right after, and the fact that you're still going strong after almost 2 years on the staff team shows your dedication. Highwon's been backstabbed by some of the people he trusted the most, but you've shown that you can keep the community running without him. You've got a lot of work ahead of you, but I'm sure you'll be able to manage the new SGM. Don't let Highwon down.

    I've been with SGM for nearly a third of my life, and I'm excited to see it grow under the new owners. Gmod isn't gonna be popular forever, and the community needs to branch out into other games to keep new players coming. I see a bright future for AHG, and I wanted to end this post with a thank you to everyone I've met in these past 8 years. I'll try to list as many people as I can, but I've met so many amazing people here it's hard to keep track of them all. Don't be sad if I forgot to put your name on this list. I'm glad I met all of you.

    Sir Lemoncakes
    Lt. White Horse
    Silent Rebel
    The Law
    Neon Barbarian
    MegatroN [Apollo]
    Captain Vodka
    Sticky Bandit
    Panda With a Gun
    Juicy Tenderloin
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  7. Wojack

    Wojack Her king :3 VIP

  8. Damn, I was about to make my grand return too...
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  9. Tybe

    Tybe VIP

    apology for bad english

    where were u wen SGM die

    i was at house eating dorito when
    phone ring

    "SGM is kil"


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  10. ThePepper

    ThePepper VIP

    But if I don't have all my upgrades, everyone will realize how bad I suck.
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  11. SquidgyBoat

    SquidgyBoat The Admiral VIP

    I resigned from staff, and the server goes into shutdown a week later.

    I'm so sorry guys I fucking broke SGM oh god
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  12. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    Ok bro I see how it is.

    Not even a mention. Wow.

    Don't ever contact me or my family ever again.
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  13. SavannahBanana

    SavannahBanana I Love Bananas :D VIP Emerald Bronze

    Man ill never forget the glorious time where you were able to silent jihad with the frag grenade.
    Me and @Falcor would do that shit all the time, that was the fucking best thing from back in the days.
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  14. Adrian Shephard

    Adrian Shephard VIP Silver

    ill never forget your gags<3
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  15. ThatAintFalco

    ThatAintFalco You should’ve followed the damn train CJ VIP

    God damn, it sucks to hear about this. I had a lot of great memories here with wonderful people that I'll never forget. When I joined back in May 2017, this place felt like a second home to me. Though I don't really play here anymore, it was great getting to know everyone here. I love you all and hope to see you guys around soon. :)
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  16. Scotty

    Scotty Heroes come and go, but legends are forever. VIP Bronze

    I used to be some guy that worked the late shift at McDonalds, came home and played video games on here. That was almost 5 years ago. This place through all the ups and the downs of being here has changed not only the people around me but me myself. I used to be a shy and quiet guy that didnt really talk much or even understand as to why I found my way here. This place I will never be thankful enough for, it has made me a really good person and given me friends for live even if most are assholes but its both ways (or at least I try)

    If you have been apart of my journey whether it be recently or back then I love you all the same.

    This place will get my final hoorah when it comes to the end of an era here.
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  17. SavannahBanana

    SavannahBanana I Love Bananas :D VIP Emerald Bronze

    !gag Vaak :ROFLMAO:
  18. STONEY


    I've been saying it for over a year now :ROFLMAO:

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  19. While I admit I'm late to the thread and haven't been active in the community proper since late 2019, id like to thank everyone I've met and all the fun times I've had here in my over 800 hours of gameplay, especially EU2 as well as the fun times had in the forum, I hope those friends I made and lost overtime here all have a good future and best of luck wherever they go from now, I doubt I will be migrating to the new community, but maybe if it succeeds and blossoms I will hop around one day, as for SGM, it will always be a fond chapter of my time on the internet in my teens, thanks a lot everyone.
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  20. UncleBee

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