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  1. Highwon

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    July 5th, 2013 - June 18th 2021

    SGM is entering a transition phase for the community. Jabba and his team will be starting a new community under the name After Hours Gaming which SGM will be officially endorsing since it will close the doors on its TTT & Deathrun servers. After Hours Gaming will be hosting new TTT servers and players with permanent ranks here will be receiving their ranks there. Further information on these new ranks will be provided by Jabba. We wanted to make this transition as painless as possible for our players.

    What will happen to SGM?

    Forum and Discord
    The forum and discord will stay up with certain sections of the forum going into a read-only mode. You can still use these services as we do not have any plans to shut these down at this time.

    Store and Ranks
    The store is closing down on May 1st for an indefinite period, all active subscriptions will be cancelled and yearly ranks will be automatically refunded on a pro-rated basis. For example, if you have a Legendary rank ($200) that will expire 180 days from June 18th, 2021, we will refund (200/365) * 180 = $98.63. If you do not want a refund and want to keep your yearly rank active on the forums then send me a PM. Only permanent TTT ranks will be transferred to After Hours Gaming.

    Gaming Servers
    The gaming servers will officially shutdown on June 18th, 2021.

    What data will After Hours Gaming receive?
    They will only receive a list of SteamIDs and associated ranks. This applies only to SteamIDs that have an active Supporter/VIP rank on the date of shutdown. If you wish to remain off this list then send me a PM before June 11th, 2021.

    How will you pay for hosting the forums and associated services?
    We are considering different options such as showing ads on the forums to users that are not logged in or eventually selling forum only ranks.

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  2. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    Hello everyone,

    This is all very new and exciting. I never intended to start my own gaming community, but this is how things have unfolded. I'm very glad and appreciative that Highwon is supporting our launch as a spiritual successor to SGM.

    I'll try and break this down into the important bits.

    Owners and Staff

    After Hours Gaming will have three Owners. We each will have our own primary focus, but not exclusive functions.

    I will be the Owner mainly in charge of community stuff, as well as the staff team.

    @Pierogi will be the Owner mainly in charge of infrastructure.

    @Temar will be the Owner mainly in charge of development.

    All current SGM staff have a spot on our staff team if they want one.

    Content and Servers

    After Hours Gaming will not be inheriting any of SGM's code or content. This means we will be using entirely custom and or public content. It is our plan to recode the current SGM fun rounds, along with some select improvements I've had planned for awhile.

    On launch we plan to have two TTT servers, one modded and one vanilla. They will most likely be east coast based.

    We will continue with the planned launch of the Serious Minecraft server under the After Hours Gaming brand instead. We also have plans for a SCP: Secret Labs server, as well as an eventual Rust server.

    Discord and Forums

    The Discord and Forums are currently in development, but I'll go ahead and drop the Discord invite link. I hope you like the vaporwave colored ranks.
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  3. Pierogi

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    I love RDM
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  4. Scotty

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    Well here we go boys. This is gonna be fun.
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  5. Espurr

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    Damn it was a good run, will always love this place :(

    I also, Love RDM
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  6. stevenisjusthere

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    what the fuck is this
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  7. Fiz

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    league of legends

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  8. Gonna RDM Jabba no matter what game this involves
  9. stevenisjusthere

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    I agree
  10. Kythol

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    well what do i do with my 10 tenures now?

    also, on my birthday? that's not very cool of you mr highwon, can it be june 19th instead
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  12. VIP

    I’m not crying you’re crying
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  13. wubby

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    I wish you all the best
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  15. ori with a gun

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    It’s time
  16. Lunar

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  17. Fuzzy Slug

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    Sad to see SGM is shutting down (once more)... Glad to have Jabba and his team working on the new project! Looks like #JabbaForCM will finally come true.
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  18. Logically

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    This is really something isn't it. Okayyyyy.
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