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    We here at Serious GMod Servers are proud to announce a multitude of changes to both the donation system and server content. Over the past few months, since we launched Deathrun, we have been preparing a new donation system for you to be able to support our servers.

    Our current donation system only supports TTT, and in order to support Deathrun and any future game-modes we choose to add, we had to revamp our current system into what we renamed to be the Serious GMod: Store. The store works just the same as our old one, but with many more purchase options as well as payment methods.

    Premium Ranks Available:
    TTT: ..... Deathrun:
    Supporter ..... Bronze
    ..... Silver
    VIP+ ..... Gold
    MVP ..... Platinum

    Global Ranks Available:

    Payment Methods Available:
    Paypal - One Time/Subscriptions
    Stripe- One Time/Subscriptions

    Explanation of Ranks:
    TTT Ranks:
    Supporter - Renamed from Donator - $10 - Permanent
    VIP - No changes - $20 - Permanent
    VIP+ - $10/mo, does not require VIP
    MVP - Yearly Subscription of VIP+, $100 one time, does not require VIP

    Deathrun Ranks:
    Bronze - Supporter oriented rank for Deathrun - $10 - Permanent
    Silver - VIP oriented rank for Deathrun - $20 - Permanent
    Gold - VIP+ oriented rank for Deathrun- $10/mo, does not require Silver
    Platinum - Yearly Subscription of Gold, $100 one time, does not require Silver

    Global Ranks:
    Elite - Includes all perks from both VIP+ and Gold + additional tier - $20/mo, does not require VIP/Silver
    Legendary - Yearly Subscription of Elite, $200 one time, does not require VIP/Silver

    More information about what these ranks include can be found in the donation page here:
    You now have the ability to purchase VIP+/Gold without needing the prerequisite of being VIP/Silver. This also means that if you purchase VIP+/Gold without already having VIP/Silver, after the rank expires, you will go back to having no rank.

    With this new donation system, we understand that there will be quite a few questions and concerns that some of you may have. We have taken the liberty and made a Q&A Thread, which can be found here.

    Any questions that are not answered in the Q&A Thread can be redirected to the Store Questions Forum.

    Just as before, our policy on refunds will remain the same: All transactions are final. Any charge-backs, premature cancellations, refund requests etc. will result in a permanent ban from all of our game servers.
    Along with the global ranks, we are adding exclusive content to go along with it. Two models, Deadpool and Zero-Suit Samus, as well as the highly requested "John Cena" Jihad Sound Effect.

    New Models for TTT:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    New Jihad Sound for TTT:

    As time goes on, we will continue to add more content for these groups on our TTT Servers.
    Along with the changes to the Ranks and the TTT Servers, we will finally be adding content for you to purchase on our Deathrun Server with your saved up Points.

    - Five Models for Bronze
    - Five Models for Silver
    - Five Models for Gold

    Note: Each rank will be able to use the avaliable models in the rank below it, meaning that if you are a silver user, you may use the 5 models for Silver and the 5 models for Bronze as well (much like our current system).*

    Trails will also be added very soon, since we did not have them ready for this massive update.

    We hope that you enjoy the new changes to the store layout, and we thank you all for your constant support to our servers. We will be continuously working on adding more content to our Deathrun and TTT servers, to ensure that they are always fun and always up to date. Stay tuned for more content!

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  3. :sneaky:
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  4. Tinbuster00

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    Are any of the benefits for the previous donation ranks going to change? I see the price is the same, not sure if the benefits are the same or the "no changes" just referred to the price.

    Also does this mean the deathrun store might finally get some decent items.
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    I think you made a slight error on Silver. If it matches VIP, it should be $20
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    Awesome, well worth the wait, and the new store is off to a hell of a start. I can't wait to see future additions. Nice work, guys.
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    You add league skins but there is no Hecarim ? It would be the first thing I would have expected. But you add a DJ Sona, a Jinx, and an Ahri. Very disappointing and if the skin doesn't exist then make it now and add it. But thank you funny italian meme lord and obviously better than admin @Toxin, Lead Admin Darktooth, and whoever else helped out. I thank you for your services :>
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  9. Ravin

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    Going to get legendary when I get home.
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  10. Rek

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    Dang you're generous
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  11. SavannahBananaGaming

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    When you dont have moneys D:
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    10/10 for Toonlink skin.
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    damn this looks legit!
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    Too poor.

    Rest in Peace paycheck.
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    Looks really awesome; already a significant improvement from the old store. Keep up the good work!
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    Looks sick! If only I wasn't poor haha
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    Stares at empty wallet
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