SGM State of the Community: Christmas Time Capsule

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    What's this?

    During the month of December, a survey concerning the state of the SGM community will be running. At the end, the results will be recorded and ultimately formatted into a new, locked post. That post will then be reviewed in December, 2018. It's essentially an online time capsule.

    Alongside the survey will be the opportunity to share the best memes from 2017 in this thread. You can read about that below.

    How do I participate?

    To take the survey, click here. The goal is to give your general attitude on SGM in 2017 by giving your thoughts on several different sections: Yourself, the staff team, the community, the content, and the events. The survey is anonymous, but you will have the option to answer it publicly by placing your name on the bottom.

    Although people are free to speak up if they dislike the current admin team, or recent decisions, and so up, keep this caveat in mind: I will be filtering each answer. If you just use this survey to talk shit and rant, I'm going to ignore your post. Negative opinions are fine, but if you cannot express them in a mature manner, don't waste your time. Furthermore, realize that some things such as the Christmas 2017 event have not happened yet, so you may want to wait before answering.

    To participate in the best memes of 2017, just post here and nominate an SGM related meme. Pay attention to the month it was posted. High quality, individual threads such as the SGM Monthlies do not work, as they're just too good. I'll be compiling a list of twelve memes, one for each month.


    If you have any questions on how this works, feel free to ask me here or somewhere else. Also, keep in mind there's also a very small time capsule from 2016 that will be looked over later this month!
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    on the 12th day of christmas, my true love gave to me! 12 oofers oofing
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    Time capsules are cool. Here is a collection of memes that I have collected over the past 3 years.
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    Birb gets January meme. SGMleaks prolly gets November meme. You can't really compete with those two.
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    I like I get 2 personal mentions :smug:
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    hope you like my answers
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    Mistakes were made.

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  9. my answers were good
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    If you ignore my response I'll ignore your life.
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