SGM State of the Community: Biannual Survey

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Han, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Han

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    What's this?

    People may remember that in December last year, I had a state of the community survey. The plan was to review the survey in December 2018, using the results as a time capsule.

    That's changing, and what we're doing to do this time is two surveys a year. One in June and one in December. I got slightly delayed with this, but we're still closer to June than December.

    If you took the December survey, you may notice that many of the questions are identical, although there are some new ones. That's intentional. The results of the first survey will be compared to the results of this survey after I'm satisfied that enough people have had the chance to participate.

    How do I participate?

    To answer the survey, all you need to do is click the survey link below. Your answers will be entirely anonymous, unless you opt to put your username down at the end.

    If you guys have any questions, let me know!

    All questions are optional. If they do not apply to you ( such as comparing previous staff teams when you joined in 2018 ), please simply ignore the question.

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  2. Lion

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    Could you add an N/A option? I wasn't here in 2017.

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  3. Han

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    I'd rather not add an N/A option to every question like that, since there are quite a few. I've added a note in the OP here and the survey itself to mention that you can ignore the question if it doesn't apply to you. Thanks for the heads up.
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  4. Cash

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    One of the questions repeat twice my guy
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  5. Scotty

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    Love you too Han.
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  6. Didnt have to be an N/A option, just reword it to "Was not there at the time", wouldn't it be good to get an idea of the amount of members who are new since that time that are actually bothered enough to fill out your survey
  7. Siddo

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    Guess I have something to do when I get home from work :LOL:
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  8. Han

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    I can see new users answering the survey by who joined in 2018, if that's what you mean.
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  9. Santa Claus

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    well i typed all my shit and then you ask who i am. wouldnt have typed ban boner if i knew
  10. Carl

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  11. Han

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    Hey guys, quick update.

    I've added a new question to the survey. If you've already answered the survey, please answer the question at this separate form here.

    If you have not yet taken the survey, you don't need to do anything different. Just follow the link on the original post.

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  12. Han

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    Hello everyone, bumping this post real quick.

    In two days we've gotten as many responses as the original survey. I plan to be closing this sometime tomorrow night. If you haven't taken it yet, please be aware of the deadline.
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