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Important SGM Leadership Q&A

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HelixSpiral, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. HelixSpiral

    HelixSpiral Stay Curious Elite


    Hey everyone!

    After reading some of the responses in @Han's survey, we figured it's a good idea to offer a new outlet for you all as a way to better understand our stance on various topics in SGM.

    One of the suggestions that peaked our interest was having a community-wide 'meeting'. Unfortunately, meetings of this nature don't really work - they are quickly derailed, easily sabotaged, and difficult to keep track of - especially with so many people participating.
    We didn't want to give up on the option to let you talk to us directly, though, and so we came up with a better alternative. Instead of a meeting, we will be hosting an open Q&A to the leadership of SGM (Leads, Community Manager, and Opalium).

    Below you will find a link to a Google Form, where we will accept questions from you. Once enough questions are collected, we will then release an update thread with the answers. Our goal is to answer as many of the questions as possible, and as fully as possible. Keep in mind, however, that we will not be able to address everything, such as staff only information or personal information. Try to steer away from personal questions and questions you know won't be answered.

    Hopefully, this can help bridge that gap between what may happen behind closed doors a bit though and help explain some of the decisions we make, and why we made them!

    With all else aside! Feel free to ask your questions here!
    (Note: We do request that you add your SGM username for your question to be answered. This is to prevent trolling at least to some level. We do allow you to remain anonymous in the future response thread, however. Questions will only be viewable by the upper administration.)

    Oh, also! The form can be resubmitted. There's sections for two questions- but if you'd like to submit it more than once, feel free too.

    Update 8-27-18: Read our set of answers here! https://www.seriousgmod.com/threads/sgm-leadership-q-a.49843/page-2#post-525461

    Upper Administration
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2018
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  2. The Carlton

    The Carlton (Something interesting here) Elite

    Yeet nice
  3. tylerjoseph(henry)

    tylerjoseph(henry) My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    ahh, I knew that a community-wide meeting wouldn't really work, but this is still good. hope it really improves the staff team and upper administration.
  4. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald

    Why did you choose the most visually destructive color in existence for your rank?
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  5. HelixSpiral

    HelixSpiral Stay Curious Elite

    Just for you, bb.
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  6. Han

    Han       VIP

    You should make this a pop up like the MC update, so that more people who mainly play on the servers will be able to see it. There's a big gap between forum community and the actual playerbase, generally.
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  7. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    I have so many questions.
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  8. HelixSpiral

    HelixSpiral Stay Curious Elite

    That's a good idea, and something we keep in mind often. I'll poke this to Opalium to see if it's something we can implement easily.
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  9. HelixSpiral

    HelixSpiral Stay Curious Elite

    The form can be submitted more than once btw. :p
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  10. Siddo❄

    Siddo❄ Dork Administrator Elite

    Are meme questions allowed?
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  11. Sneaky Cowcakes

    Sneaky Cowcakes Platinum VIP

    I didn't ask anything :whistle:
  12. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

    Oh boy do I have some concerns...

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  13. Siddo❄

    Siddo❄ Dork Administrator Elite

    Your concerns are... popcorn? Multiple popcorn?
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  14. Panda With a Gun

    Panda With a Gun CHINA NUMBA ONE Administrator Elite

    I was actually going to say, from my own experience I think if more in game people had taken your original survey then the results would’ve been much different. I think it’s no secret that there’s a clear difference between the two.

    Anyways that doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea if done correctly.
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  15. Are there any stupid questions?
  16. Pacifist

    Pacifist shocked Administrator Elite

    no fuck this. you should ask US questions.
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  17. Lion

    Lion If specified, this will replace the title. Moderator Elite

    2 large plz ban
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  18. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

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  19. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    Man it's kinda fun to submit questions saying that I'm someone other than myself.
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  20. Xproplayer

    Xproplayer Legendary

    I've submitted my thoughts after thinking for a small bit. I'd like to know how to pose questions like these in the future, because "DM a staff member" isn't even remotely viable.