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    SGM Game Night
    Next Game Night: April 27th
    As you can see from this thread and as some have seen from the new Discord roles, Game Night will be making a return at SGM! I will be going over all the details in this thread so buckle up!​

    What is Game Night?
    Game Night is a community ran event that will be happening twice a month every other Saturday. The earliest game nights were ran by @Drunk Dog Christmas Dog and @Python~ and others. Last year Game Night made a return and was very successful until it started to reach it's eventual pause. This was hosted by myself, @PixeL and @Opalium. Game Night will feature several games and mini games that will allow for large amounts of people to just hang out and have some fun. This time around Game Night will be hosted and organized by myself and @Jason Bourne with the help of @Teroxa, @PixeL and others.

    When is the next Game Night?
    For Americans: 12 PM PST; 2 PM CST; 3 PM EST
    For Europeansish: 8 PM GMT
    For anyone else: Here's a timezone converter
    Date: March 30th
    Every other Saturday
    ~Subject to change~

    Where is Game Night?

    Game Night will be hosted in official Discord for SGM. All Discord rules will still apply here. Game Night will have it's own category which will be moved and unlocked for use when it's time for Game Night. The info box will include information that may be useful and commands for game night such as self assignable role for Game Night notifications. Text and voice chat channels are self explanatory. More channels will be added if necessary. Anyone who is being toxic or breaking rules will be removed from Game Night. We are here to have fun.

    What games will be played?
    We will try our best to play easy to access free games. Any games that are paid will have a paid mark.
    Cards Against Humanity
    Pictonary (not the only pictonary included)

    Garry's Mod (Paid):
    Extreme Football Throwdown
    Prop Hunt
    Guess Who
    Horror Maps
    Alien: Isolation
    Zombie Survival

    Team Fortress Two (TF2)
    Attack & Deffend
    King of the Hill
    ~Subject to change~
    ~Suggest more games!~

    Other: Updates for Game Night will be posted here and the Discord text channel when locked. I will create highlights of Game Night sessions as well if I have the time. This thread will be updated with the next GN date and other content when needed

    With all that being said we hope to see you there! Don't forget that everyone is invited!

    Don't forget we are open to suggestions and discussion.
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    whys it always so fkin early
  3. Sticky Bandit

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    Glad to see this come back. Can't wait! :D
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    Well now... time to ruin all my parents' plans for this event!
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    Nice, I might be in on time (y)
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    This will be good.
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    let's maybe go?
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    If I can, I will.
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    sounds fun
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    okay, now this is epicerer
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  13. more like lame night
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    if im busy, ill be angry
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    It's back :oo:
  16. Panda With a Gun

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    As said in Game Night Text:
    We wanted to notify you of the time changes. Due to some complications that came up, we will be shifting the starting time by 6 hours.
    Updated Time: 6 PM PST, 8 PM CST, 9 PM EST AND 1 AM GMT
    Here's a world time converter as well: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

    We plan to include the old 12 PM PST and 7 PM GMT schedule, however there are no definite dates as they will most likely be inconsistent but we will let you all know nonetheless when this schedule happens.
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  17. NotATraitor

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    Uh if there are enough players why not do one European game night and seperate it from the rest?
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  18. Makuziakikilligiaqsimajuq

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    ya if you want me to play you should move it about 4-5 weeks :(
  19. Panda With a Gun

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    As said in Game Night text:
    We wanted to let you all know that we will be changing the starting time of this Saturday's Game Night back to the original time.

    Updated Time: 12pm PST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST, 7pm GMT
    Here's a world time converter as well: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

    The next official Game Night's time will most likely not be this same time. Watch for updates on this.
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  20. ryan

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    Finally, I can throw @tay off the map again
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