SGM Death

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by .shirt, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. sportakus1

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    I am really afraid that servers, may, close servers in future (unknown when), because there is no other popular VANILLA TTT server that exist other than SGM servers.

    I dont like modded TTT, I like vanilla one, cause its less confusing (for me) and also I seen people talk often rather than straight linear story of wondering around till traitors start doing massacre, and in the end, realising I am alone cus I been avoiding people to not get killed.
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  2. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    You really won’t find a better vanilla server than sgm.
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  3. Sometimes the owners just have to focus on their own lives and move past this, and put it to sleep.

    i would personally like for a new owner so we can all stay together though.
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  4. I mean i think it would help if east and west were consolidated into 1 server, so we have 3 servers

    US, EUmodded and EU nilla
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  5. Zypther

    Zypther #SuitUp VIP Bronze Iron

    To be honest if we want to stay open, maybe sellling code might be our savior, and then just have the servers shutdown when we are shutting them down but save cash for s&box and start anew then
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  6. Rozboon

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    It's been said a thousand times thats its not about money, the place was fine, it's the devs and the desire.
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  7. Savage-nyan

    Savage-nyan VIP

    I blame noobzor
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  8. Sugar

    Sugar Chaotic VIP

    lol if it doesn't die (somehow) than shoot it down. Il gladly give a hand
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