SGM Community's Fifth Anniversary Event!

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    July 8th - July 16th 23rd

    Happy 5th birthday, SGM!

    It's been 5 fantastic years, and now it's time to celebrate them!
    I am very happy to announce the 5th anniversary event of SGM - bigger and better than ever before. Five years is a lot of time, and quite an achievement to celebrate. It only makes sense, therefore, to throw a hell of a party with lots and lots of surprises!
    New content, a community-wide event, and tons of fun - it's all waiting for you in our 5th anniversary celebrations.

    First and foremost, per tradition:

    • Double Pointshop points earning throughout the entire event!
    • Guaranteed fun round every map!
    • Lottery pool starting at 10,000 points!
    • And party hats! Because what's a party without them?

    And now: the big stuff...
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  2. Opalium

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    Welcome to Operation S.G.M.!
    Operation S.G.M. (or OP-SGM in short) is a community-wide event in which everyone takes part and every player matters!
    In OP-SGM, the players of SGM will work together to unlock new event-exclusive content for the whole community to enjoy. The cooperation and joint effort of everyone is the key to success here - and everybody wins!

    How does it work? With the Hype Meter!
    The hype meter is a shared meter that everyone can help fill. During the operation, players will earn Hype Points by playing on our servers and performing well in their roles. All of the hype points earned are then added to the global Hype Meter, where they join the points earned by other players in the community. Together, they sum and make up the global Hype Point sum, which fills up the meter. Once the Hype Meter reaches the various thresholds, the new event-exclusive content will be unlocked, and will be available for everyone to purchase in our pointshop!

    You can access the Hype Meter UI and see yours and the global progress by pressing F7 while in-game once the event started.

    And what exactly do you get from all this? See for yourself.

    The Rewards

    Tier 1: Bleeding Colors
    100,000 Hype Points
    The exclusive rank knife skin becomes available for purchase on the pointshop during the event!

    Tier 2: Blast from the Past
    200,000 Hype Points
    All seasonal fun rounds, including seasonal or limited ones, will be available during the event!

    Tier 3: Gold Diggers
    300,000 Hype Points
    Two new golden weapon skins are unlocked for purchase: Golden H.U.G.E. and Golden Harpoon!

    Tier 4: Fear Not This Night
    400,000 Hype Points
    The Nighthawk is upgraded with an additional trait. What will it be?

    Tier 5: Colorstorm
    500,000 Hype Points
    One new Rank weapon skin is unlocked for purchase: Rank Hex Shield!

    Tier 6: Bigger Trouble in Terrorist Town
    600,000 Hype Points
    An additional seasonal Traitor weapon is added to the Terror Time fun round: The Bulk Cannon!

    Tier 7: The Midas Collection
    700,000 Hype Points
    Two new golden weapons skins are unlocked for purchase: Golden Shotgun and Golden Health Station!

    Tier 8: Rainbow Two
    800,000 Hype Points
    Two new Rank weapon skins are unlocked for purchase: Rank Gauss Rifle and Rank Jackhammer!

    Tier 9: I Want It All
    900,000 Hype Points
    Pointshop points gain over time is increased by 250% during the event!

    Tier 10: ENCORE
    1,000,000 Hype Points
    The 5th Anniversary event is extended by an additional week!

    Earning Hype Points
    How do you earn Hype Points, then?

    First, every Pointshop point earned during the event will also earn you Hype Points:
    • In TTT: 1 Hype Point for every 2 Pointshop points (1:2 ratio)
    • In Deathrun: 1 Hype Points for every Pointshop point (1:1 ratio)

    You also earn Hype Points for the following actions:
    • Valid kills in TTT (Traitor killing Innocents/Detectives and vice versa): 5 Hype Points.
    • Killing a Death as a runner in Deathrun: 20 Hype Points.
    • Winning a round in TTT: 20 Hype Points per teammate alive.
    • Winning a round in Deathrun: 20 Hype Points per teammate alive.
    • Winning a fun round in TTT: 50 Hype Points.
    • Winning a fun round in Deathrun: 50 Hype Points.
    Lastly, throughout the event, myself and the leadership will run some random contests and events that can earn you big chunks of Hype Points! Stay tuned.

    Can the community make it all the way through and unlock all of the rewards? Only with your help! Play during OP-SGM, bring in your friends, help the community progress, and get all the awesome rewards!
    Best of luck!
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    Let's get on with the killing!

    What a Blood Bath
    It's back! The deadliest, bloodiest and the most fun highlight of SGM's anniversaries is here once again: Seasonal Traitor Weapons!
    These bad boys are back again to wreak havoc in the most painful and awesome ways. And this year, a new weapon joins the group as well!

    The Winter's Howl
    The EX41
    The Flamethrower
    The Lion
    The RPG
    The Minigun
    The BMG

    And this year's new weapon
    The Nighthawk


    These weapons will be purchasable in the Traitor shop for the duration of the event, ready to unleash their power at any poor innocent who is unfortunate enough to stand in their way.

    The Ultimate Nightmare
    But why should only the Traitors enjoy this luxury? Fear not, because we have the solution for you. This year, for the first time ever, we are hosting a special fun round: Terror Time!

    In this free-for-all massacre, all players will receive one of the seasonal T weapons at random, as well as 5 times their normal Health. Your goal? Mow down anything that moves and be the last one standing! It's going to be absolutely chaotic and bloody - just how the Traitors like it.

    Enjoy the killing!
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    Content! Content! CONTENT!
    SGM's birthday also marks an important time of the year: the summer! And this year, to make sure you all will enjoy your summer here in SGM more than ever before, we are happy to present to you: The Summer of SGM Content Update!

    Weapons! Maps! Explosions! WOOHOO!
    There's a load of content coming to our TTT servers this summer. Check it out below!


    The Tazer


    A Shocking experience

    A long lost idea in the back of Opalium's mind, the Tazer turned out to be a hit on the PTS - and is now making its way into our live servers as a new permanent Detective weapon! This bad boy will allow the Detectives of TTT to neutralize their target immediately with a powerful electric shock that will drop them spazzing to the floor. The Tazer, while not too lethal, allows you to easily disable far-away targets so you can close the gap and finish the job with whatever another method you'd like - which makes it an excellent tool in the hands of the law.

    The Sprinting Shoes


    Choo choo, Traitors

    Running from the law? Not for long!
    This new piece of equipment in the Detective arsenal allows its owner to sprint forward into the battle with ease. When sprinting, your movement speed by 25%, but the shoes slowly wear down while in use. When their durability reaches 0%, they will tear apart and you will not be able to use them anymore. In addition, you cannot fire your weapon or reload while sprinting.

    The KA-S TA-3000


    They never saw THIS coming...

    Originally a joke weapon for our April Fools event, the KA-S TA-3000 (named after a very special someone and his undying love to a very specific object) immediately become an absolute favorite among many of our players - and it was only a matter of time until it became a permanent option in the Traitor's arsenal. When fired, this weapon launches forth an HVB - high-velocity barrel - that is absolutely lethal to whoever and whatever is unlucky enough to stand in its way. Loaded with two charges on default, its operator can also use the alt-fire to consume both and launch an explosive version of the HVB instead - and you can imagine what follows... ;)

    Fun Rounds



    Suggested by @CrownedWings and developed by @veri, this fun round puts you in the shoes of an assassin hunting its target among the many other players on the map. You better hurry up, though, because you are being hunted as well! In this fun round, no names are shown and chat is disabled as well; the only indicator you have of your target is their DNA sample which updates every 10 seconds. And you better be very careful, because attacking the wrong target will reflect the damage to you!
    Can you find your target in time before your own hunter finds you? Who will be the last one standing? Find out in Assassins!

    Bomb Rush


    Tick tock! She's gonna blow!
    In this fun round, which was suggested by @yigiteksi07, a random group of players is given a ticking time bomb. The bomb explodes in 10 seconds, killing whoever is holding it - and so your goal is to pass it to someone else before time runs out! Race the clock and pass the bomb to other players to escape an explosive fate, with the bomb passing to another player everytime it eliminates one. Can you survive until the end and be the last one standing intact? Or will you too be consumed by the flames of the OpalBomb?

    Men in the Middle v2


    The reworked version of MitM is going live! In this new take on the fun round, a single man in the middle is selected at the start of the round, with the goal of taking down as many innocents as possible. Once they are defeated, whoever scored the kill then takes their place, becoming the Man in the Middle instead. This goes on with every man doing its best to take down as many of the innocents as possible until only one player remains. This fun new twist will make MitM a lot more interesting, and hopefully buy its place back among the fun rounds of SGM.
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    Sprinting Shoes Durability
    5 levels


    Reduces the wear-out rate of your Sprint Shoes to allow longer use. Each level reduces the rate by 5%, up to 25%.

    Silent Tripmines
    1 level

    Makes your tripmines silent, causing them to make no sound when planted.

    MP7 Sound Level
    3 levels

    Reduces the volume of your silenced MP7. Each level reduces the volume by 10%, up to 30%.

    Intervention Charge Speed
    3 levels


    ncreases the charge speed of the Intervention power-shot. Each level increases the rate by 10%, up to 30%.

    The Silencer: Chronoshift
    5 levels

    Upgrades your Silencer with the Chronoshift perk. Chronoshift reduces the movement speed and fire rate of players you are silencing.



    Black Mesa 2018 (by @Rare Endangered Spycrab)

    Old ruins



    Jihad Sounds



    For the Emperor

    I Hope You Die

    Where is the Lamb Sauce?!

    Mortal Kombat
    (Custom alt-fire sounds)


    Taste the Rainbow

    It's Time to Duel
    (Custom explosion sound)

    That's the Wrong Number!
    (Custom explosion sound)

    (Custom explosion sound)
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    Deathrun Has Never Been So Alive
    Summer of SGM brings up new Deathrun content as well! You never thought you'll see the day, did you? Together with new maps for you to try out, we're also introducing a new concept...

    Fun Rounds!
    Finally, Fun rounds have arrived at Deathrun! Much like in our TTT servers, these will randomly trigger every now and then to spice things up and give you a fun challenge to play with. And don't forget the rewards!
    The fun round system will come with two rounds at first. More details on these will be provided soon - stay tuned!


    Stone Extended


    South Park

    Deathrun Lore Knives!

    The limited-time Lore Knives are back on Deathrun!
    These are special golden versions of some of the knives available in the Deathrun pointshop. The Lore knives are exclusive to SGM anniversaries, and once the event is over they will not be available until next year - so hurry up and get them!


    And more?
    But that's not all we have planned for TTT and Deathrun this summer. While I cannot share the rest of the details just yet, I suggest you keep an eye on it in the upcoming days. Rest assured though: there's even more content in the way for both, and it's right around the corner!
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    Project Coordination, Design, Programming, Assets, Modeling

    Programming, UI, awesomeness

    Deathrun content, programming, awesomeness

    Weapon skins, Textures, awesomeness

    That's it!
    Quite a lot to take in, eh?
    Like always, we've put a lot of time and effort into this update in hope of making it as fun and unique as possible. I'd like to thank my partners in crime, the fellow developers of SGM, for their amazing support and help. I couldn't have done this without you. :love:

    Finally, on a more personal note:
    5 years. That's absolutely amazing. It's hard to imagine so much time has passed since this community first started. Countless people have come and go in those years, but for each of them - SGM was a home (and for some, it still is!). It really is heartwarming for me to see how far this place has got, and what an impact it has on so many people. Even though I was only able to witness the more recent parts of its history, it still does mean a lot to me. And like I said back at Christmas... it's something you don't see often. Something... special.
    And so, I'd like to wish you all a happy anniversary, and that SGM will continue to be a second home for you in the upcoming years as well. Whether you've been here since the very start or only just arrived - I hope you will always find your place with us.

    On behalf of myself and the rest of the team, I hope you will enjoy the event!
    Thank you for being part of SGM and for staying with us until today, 5 years since the story began. May we have many more of these, full of fun, wonder, and greatness.

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    Balance changes
    The balances changes from the last PTS batch were applied to the following weapons:
    • AK47
    • HK SL8
    • Jackhammer
    • AWP
    • Barret M82
    • Famas

    Please note: there may be changes to what's mentioned above in the upcoming days. Keep an eye on it!
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    happy 5 years to me
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    Content! Content! CONTENT!
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    about time
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    No gold weapons ;-;
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    You really should have someone proofread your essays.
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    assassin basically the ship which i like
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    I'm now 5 years old!

    wait where the player models....:cry::cry:
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    Where's the golden H.U.G.E.???
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    Yessss! I'm so excited for all these updates, thank you all for your hard work!
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    " Tier 6: The Midas Collection "

    Do they not teach you kids anymore?
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    afk alts to the rescue
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