Screw the new, Old is better.

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    Lets get rid of Kylo Ren, lets face it he is a shitty character with a shit backstory and overall a shit concept. Lets replace him with a real Sith Lord. I am talking about the Lord of Hunger himself Darth Nihilus. For those who do not know who this is. Read up, he sucks life out of planets, what does Ren do? He throws temper tantrums and destroys expencive shit with his sabre.
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  2. Carned

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    Could you have chose an uglier model? Holy shit.
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  3. Xerp

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    Maybe you could find a high-quality model...
    It looks like it's been made in an hour
  4. Emily❤

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    He is cool but the quality is not so -1
  5. Death

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    Ehhh, I don't know if anyone remembers Count Dooku, but I think he might be better. Still remaining neutral.
  6. this looks terrible geez
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  7. Squidd

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    The skin looks bad, the reasoning is cringey, and I was torn between rating "Dumb" and "Bad Spelling"